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Welcome to Being Human Life

The Being Human Life is a one-of-a-kind personal and professional educational institute that awakens, transforms and empowers from the inside-out. We understand the process through which people grow and evolve into more authentic, purposeful, and impactful expressions of their essence and potential. 

We don't just believe in transformation - we're leading its evolution.

Tranformational coaching is about the expansion and refinement of consciousness from an inner versus outer perspective, involving awareness, self investigation, courage, release of old narratives, programs and beliefs, and related behaviors. 

Transformational life coaching IS the future of coaching AND a powerful new world. 

The New Era

We are living in a time of unprecedented change beyond anything that we could ever have imagined. Humanity’s epic shift in consciousness has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return. Earth is ushering the dawn of a New Era. As the beliefs, institutions, and systems of the old paradigm begin to shake, crumble, or morph radically around us, we are standing at the edge of a critical choice point to shift into being unwaveringly-centered in the new consciousness that will assist in the creation of the new era of humanity. The choices we make now will become the creative force that materializes a new collective story for humanity.


Entelechy (pronounced EN-TEL-UH-KEE) is a Greek Latin word derived from Aristotle’s philosophy.
In our New Era application, we embrace Entelechy to mean: The most authentic alchemical and transformational process through which inner essence and potential is realized in human consciousness and creatively manifested in the world of outer reality.

There is a deep rising of a more beautiful world.

The New Era represents a call to each of us to be the living example on which this new era is grounded: acceptance, allowance, non-judgment, forgiveness, compassion, love and kindness.

Let’s BE the CHANGE together, because together is the only way to move into the New Era. Take the next step in your transformation journey into being human in the new era. ELEVATE. EVOLVE. RISE!

The New Era is Calling You…Into Your Next Level of Being Human. YOU are awake and ready to:
• Ignite and ELEVATE your intuition.
• Shed ALL limiting stories, get clear, unstuck, tap flow and harness your best life.
• Shape and EVOLVE your mission into purposeful service.
• Tap into your inner courage, brilliance, strength, passion and confidence to be a force for positive change.
RISE and step into your authenticity.

Meet the Founder

Founded by Nina Roberts Salveson, Being Human Life is a global learning and development organization dedicated to facilitating inner transformation of the self and soul in ways that can be harnessed in new, vibrant and authentic ways of living, loving and serving in the world.

Welcome message from Nina

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Master Course for Coaches, Practitioners, and Leaders

We are living in a New Era that is propelling us into our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively. Are you a holistic coach, practitioner, or leader who could use support as old paradigms are disintegrating and new optimal possibilities are emerging? How do you navigate these

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Conversations in the Upper Room – October Gathering

The Upper Room Virtual gatherings are an invitation to Being Human Alumni seriously committed to building commUnity together, with consistent attendance and participation. This is a gathering for people who are energetically aware, value community and interconnection, and are actively engaged in service for the greater good as a teacher,

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Fall Into Autumn: Being Human Immersion Retreat

Fall Into Autumn; Love Being Human Fall Retreat at the Cedar Valley Resort on the Root River and Root River Trail Join Nina and Michele in a soul-filling, heart-opening, bodymind-balancing, and higher self- illuminating nature-based retreat in the beauty of the woods and water on the Root River of Lanesboro,

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Awakened Support, Guidance and Community

BHL Awakened Support

People experiencing an awakening need community, support and guidance so that they can move beyond feeling lost and stuck. They need encouragement and support in this new zone where they receive the assistance they need to grow, expand, and embrace the process as a positive, empowering path to personal freedom.

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