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The HeArt of InPowered Living Series

Southtown Office Building 8120 Penn Ave South, Bloomington

Live Gathering The HeArt of Empowered Living Series, a Being Human Life program with cocreators and host facilitators Nina Roberts Salveson and Michele Rae. It is time to gather in person again! We (Nina and Michele) are creating a 3 month Heart-Mind Circle Series for the HeART of Living Empowered from Within (InPowered). This new […]

Women’s Power Hour – December 2022


Free LIVE Online Infusions of Energy, Insight, Inspiration & Connection Women's Power Hour LIVE offers free interactive infusion of centering meditation, supportive conversation, and community among women. Women's Power Hour brings you the best of women empowering and supporting well-being, focusing on living healthier, more meaningful and happier lives. An hour of empowerment, we will […]

Alchemical Transcendance™ Through Sound, Toning, Chakra Movement and Journal Art

With Carolyn Vinup & Nina Salveson Discover how toning, moving, singing and body awareness can increase energy, reduce stress and create well-being. We begin the journey through the inner world with vocal vibration and body awareness for nervous system regulation, relaxation and energy flow. You will be guided through simple structures designed to free soul […]