Transformational Evolutionary Coaching

Transformational Evolutionary Coaching

Navigating a Changing World and Re-Imagineering your Role in CoCreating
a New Era

Nina’s Being Human Life’s coaching model, Transformational Evolutionary Coaching (TEC) is spiritually-centered and  dynamically integrated with neuroscience, HNLP, energetic clearing and rebalancing and is built upon 25 years of client work, ongoing study and experience. 

I will guide you as you learn to navigate your relationship to yourself, the divine and its challenges and mysterious rewards and blessings. While the world as we knew it a few months ago appears to be crumbling and making way for the creation of a  new way of being, living and serving, this is the optimal time to begin working with me as you re-imagine, reconnect and relaunch your life post-pandemic. 

As society evolves we only have one choice if we want to thrive. That choice is to dig deep, tap into resiliency, reassess values, priorities, natural gifts, talents and passions, and re-envision your life in the new emerging era. 

Experienced Transformational Coach

Working with me as your coach and guide will set you free. I will help you flourish in your understanding the work of Soul. Call it coaching, mentoring or guidance, my style of support and assistance involves deeply intuitive and masterful listening, questioning through appreciative inquiry, clarifying,  connecting dots, and creating and holding safe, sacred space for your deep and magical inner vision quest for vision, connection, meaning and purpose.

As an accomplished metaphysical and transformational personal professional coach, guide and mentor, with more than 23 years of experience and resiliency, I will guide you into a spiritual and depth-oriented perspective that will lead you to the remembrance of your Soul’s Mission and Life Purpose.

Why am I really here?
What did I come here to do?
What is my Life purpose and my Soul’s mission?

These kinds of questions inspire a new experience and interpretation of our personal problems. Difficult times, too, invite us on a vision quest for the work of our soul. Moreover, as a depth-oriented hypnotherapeutic coach with a graduate degree in positive and  transpersonal psychology and self-generative human development,
I learned that anything we can experience deeply and honestly will change, and it will change us. 

As a mystic, I learned that consciousness is itself sacred, and anything held in awakened consciousness becomes sacred, including our suffering and our work. To find the vision of our soul, therefore, we need to let feelings “grow us” emotionally and then sanctify our work in sacred consciousness.

Given the extent of crisis of our time, nearly everyone is experiencing confusion, anxiety, depression, and grief over personal losses and have an overall sense of malaise.

I am no stranger to any of these and am devoted to fulfilling my life mission and soul purpose through my teaching, coaching, writing, recorded meditations and consultations. 

My role is to assist and guide as many people as possible to find their own unique path to peace, empowerment and joy.

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You are ready to experience new and higher levels of your abilities and talents. This is an exciting time and YOUR time to move forward fearlessly into new vistas of possibility and new worlds of opportunity.

Coaching packages are available in 3-, 6- and 12-month increments.

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