Spiritual awakening is an opportunity for a powerfully transformative experience

The individuals we work with are high-functioning humans, who have experienced life, growth and great success in the old era.

They are business owners, practitioners, coaches, therapists, leaders, executives, artists and cultural creatives.

They have experienced a shift that feels like a magnetic pull forcing them to recognize that something precious is missing in their life.

Deep down, they know they were born to be powerful and impactful.

The mission of Being Human Life is to support, coach and guide individuals who are experiencing what is referred to as a spiritual awakening. We support individuals who need assistance to integrate these experiences into their lives.

As people progress on the path of awakening, they experience a process of awareness, dissolution and a shedding of who they thought they were in order to become more fully who they authentically are.

With professional assistance, a skillful and qualified transformational coach can guide you in exploring the serious questions:


“What story do I believe in? What is it that I really want?”

What is Entelechy?

Entelechy (pronounced EN-TEL-UH-KEE) is a Greek Latin word derived from Aristotle’s philosophy. Encyclopedia Britannica defines as “that which realizes and makes actual, and manifests what is otherwise merely potential.”

In our New Era application, we embrace Entelechy to mean:
The most authentic alchemical and transformational process through which inner essence and potential is realized in human consciousness and creatively manifested in the world of outer reality. 

Meet Your New Community

People experiencing an awakening need community, support and guidance so that they can move beyond feeling lost and stuck. They need encouragement and support in this new zone where they receive the assistance they need to grow, expand, and embrace the process as a positive, empowering path to personal freedom. 

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