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Today’s challenging times call for passionate visionaries who are authentic and articulate communicators with inspiring and transformative messages. Nina liberates the “spirit within” and transforms and uplifts groups she engages with.

Meetings and conferences are still largely geared toward the motivational speaker or the “sage on the stage” model. Insight and motivation are necessary, but change comes from within – actually doing something with new awareness.

Imagine with me a new model- an exciting session at your conference or gathering where everyone lights up and comes alive with a new experience that sparks ideas, new stories and invites others to bring new voices and energy to what matters to them.

This is a unique, memorable and impactful experience through an invitation to tell a story, step up and learn to speak out to be heard. 

"We engaged Nina to design the closing circle of our 20th anniversary conference in 2016. Her session was among the best I’ve ever experienced. Nina is a captivating, inspiring speaker who ‘called all voices’ forward in both reflection and commitment. The level of engagement and positive feedback from our conference participants was exceptional.”
Deidre Franzini
Executive Director, IAWBE

If this speaks to you, let’s work together to support what wants and needs to happen. We are entering times of stunning transformation that call for imaginative and new ways of coming together. Every voice is needed to craft our collective future. 

I have created my own brand of speaking topics around my passion, Calling all Beings/Being Human/Staying Human. Whether you want a plenary session, 2-3 hour breakout, or an experiential workshop, I present the sometimes heavy and serious work of change as stimulating, inspiring, and fun, with practical support and engagement through showing up and telling a world-changing story.

My speaking draws upon Oscar Wilde’s “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” and a dash of the late Robin Williams “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it.” The message is, creating the future must be done together, and this means moving beyond the ordinary and mundane into the courageous self-expression that cracks open new potential, possibilities and worlds. 



Calling All Voices

What Anyone Else Judges About You: It’s None of Your Business

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

Your Business, Your Story is Yours, No One Else’s

Speaking Out for Change

Courageous  Conversations; The Truth Spoken

Ageing to Sageing as an Art Form

Making the Shift to the New Era

7 Keys to Shift to the New Era

Becoming YOU in The New Era

“Your closing addresses at both our conferences had just the right tone for our diverse group, due in no small part to your extensive efforts to get to know them. You personalized the message very well, and your humor was great. You really lifted our spirits!”
Mona G.
Unity Womens’ Group
“We engaged Nina to help personal professional coaches understand how to use their speaking skills to communicate their business to increase their client base. Not only did she help those in the group who are already speakers, she modeled joy in being oneself, providing hope to those who have typically avoided speaking because of fear and ‘performance’ anxiety. She received rave reviews on all of our evaluations.”
Paul L.
IronHill ICF Coaches Chapter

Workshop Requests

Custom Workshops Topics:

  • On Being Human in Work
  • On Being Human in Leadership in the New Era
  • On Being Human in Relationship
  • The Art of Transformational Evolutionary Coaching
  • Mastery in Transformational Leadership


I (Nina) have been a deep process facilitator and transformational coach for individuals, groups and organizations for the past 34 years. In addition, I am a contributing author/co-author of articles, abstracts and book about Transformational Self Leadership, Individual, Group and Systemic Change, a creator and facilitator of hundreds of personal growth workshops, intensives, retreats, and prior adjunct instructor professor.

I am currently writing a book, titled: The Art of Evolutionary Coaching; Being Human Transformed. The target audience for the book is people in the “professional helping” professions – including coaches, therapists and anyone interested in mastering the skilled intuitive art and applied intelligences in helping others grow, transform and become better, more effective, happier and integrated versions of themselves as human beings during evolutionary shift such as what the world and planet are experiencing now.

We are needing to re-imagine, re-define and co-create a more mature and refined distinction of what BEING HUMAN requires for co-existing as one ecosystem, one human family living and serving cooperatively, collaboratively and meaningfully with and as one with the planet. During these times of unprecedented, ever-accelerating change, uncertainty on all fronts – planetary, climate change, business, political landscape, social and cultural infrastructure, education and life in general, a NEW ERA of coaching and leadership is required. It is not a choice but an edict from a Source greater than ourselves.

We offer custom online workshops and deep dive Continuing Education Units on the art of transformational coaching through the Entelechy Institute. The goal of these workshops is to offer teachings, process and methods that enable participants to be an agent of transformational evolution for others. The workshops are designed to synthesize and integrate within themselves the fundamental principles and mindset needed to help others transform their personal paradigms, as well as to put those principles into practice. We explore personal and societal/community/group paradigms—how they form and get solidified, how to approach personal paradigm change, and the steps necessary to produce success.


Deep Transformational Evolutionary Coaching

We will be hosting a 90-minute free introduction to the nature of paradigms and how they shape who we are. The key to transformation is to understand personal paradigms – what causes them, what reinforces them, and what it takes to change them. This session will be invaluable for your journey as a coach.

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