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At Being Human Life, we believe that the positive transformation and evolution of individuals, communities, societies and the environment begin at the individual level, one person at a time, and that a movement of individuals in community practicing the a life of presence, peace, hope, fulfillment and wellbeing can change the world.

Have you heard or read the Chinese proverb that states “…a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?” We believe a journey of wholistic wellbeing begins with a single breath. Breath is the gateway into a state of Meditation that invites happiness, harmony and clarity to your life — and you don’t have to know how to sit perfectly still like a yogi to reap those benefits. Our community of authentic, skilled, intuitive and perceptive teachers and coaches is here to help you create a more peaceful and joyful presence, one meditation at a time.

As a socially conscious, and mission-driven business collective, our goal is to create a vibrant community, bringing heart-mind coherence, passion, wisdom,  technology and “high vibe” human energy together as we break new ground on the path to personal wellbeing, and empowerment of people ready to commit to experiencing their own journey in expanded consciousness, clarity, peace, hope, joy and freedom.

OM (On Meditation) Being Human Meditation Collective offerings, Meditation Teacher Training, blog content, virtual gatherings and experiences are designed to foster conversations as the vanguard of the global Being Human Life movement supporting a new era of inspired  individual and collective understanding of the intrinsic and external factors that impact wellbeing. We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing, as a subjective experience, different for every individual, and affected by physical health, mental health, society and the environment. All of our offerings are designed to open the mind, and build awareness.

We hope that as you explore our offerings, you are inspired to join us in our quest for a better, more loving, inspired and united world. This is possible as more and more humans experience the expanding heart-mind coherence that is achieved through the simple art (and science) of meditation.  

The Reason Behind the BHL Meditation Collective

Nina’s journey has been a two-decade pursuit of calling and passion. She is passionate about bringing together a plurality of tools and methods to assist in humanity’s mindfulness, expanding consciousness, self- empowerment and wellbeing – the confluence of science, art and technology. Nina’s  passion is strongly reflected in re-envisioning and building structures for learning, growth and community through attainable services and offerings, inclusion & empowerment.

Nina has always believed that one’s ability to take on new challenges is based on their psychospiritual intelligence, emotional resiliency and a capacity for personal responsibility, and brave, bold self leadership. At the core is the emphasis on wellbeing and being in Right Relationship with Self, so that life yields an inner and outer congruence – who we are on the inside matches our manifest life. 

Nina is today known for her visionary insight, entrepreneurial agility and resiliency in life and business.  Nina has served on school and not-for-profit boards, presented at global coaching and mindfulness summits. She has spoken, taught and facilitated experiential visioning and team building experiences at retreats, executive retreats and presented at major transformational and positive psychology chapter meetings and conferences.  

Nina holds advanced degrees in transpersonal self generative coaching through the life span, psychospiritual methods in human development, and undergraduate degrees in communications and organizational and group psychology. Her advanced training and study includes life, spiritual, depth and somatic coaching, advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training, Energetic Metaphysical healing, quantum science and the neurobiology of belief, neuroplasticity of the brain, the development of intuitive and spiritual intelligence. Nina is also an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Practitioner and CYIAT 

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