Humanity is experiencing a rebirthing into a New Human Era as the previous Era we have known in this lifetime dissolves. Evolving wholeness starts with each ... CONTINUED
Freedom is in the pause. We are each a multidimensional being of energy and light capable of expanding our awareness beyond the confines of the third ... CONTINUED
Catching Up With Our Shadows “It is one thing to talk  about the subject of mindfulness or to “do” meditation as a means to an end ... CONTINUED
We are Each Diamonds on the Sphere of the Universe You are a shiny, bright diamond. We each are diamonds. As Coldplay’s song Adventure of a ... CONTINUED
Since my awakening, healing, and spiritual journey that started following my parents’ passing in my very young, fledgling adulthood, I discovered that the process of knowing ... CONTINUED
Are you...... Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? Ready to truly transform and reinvent your life to align with your Heart and Soul Call? In my own experience, as well as ... CONTINUED