About The Transformational Evolutionary Coaching Model

Being Human Life has evolved and transformed, as it’s original founder, Nina Louise (Roberts Salveson) has transformed with 24 years of personal and professional coaching serving individuals, leaders, healers, cultural creative and leadership teams.

At Being Human Life and the Entelechy Institute, we don’t just believe in transformation coaching, we’re leading it’s evolution as society and humanity undergoes massive change and evolutionary transformation.

We have fused the most effective Transformative methods in neuroscience, hypnotherapeutic neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology and our own evolved model of transformation, spiritual and emotional intelligence development coaching, expansion of consciousness, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, powerful inquiry, deep relational group facilitation, energetic rebalancing and reset, and quantum field techniques.

We have merged and fused these modalities into a proprietary facilitation and deep development process that is unmatched by anything we are aware of.

The current trends in a shifting, changing culture and society are not going away. They require that humanity adapts and evolves. We are here to assist.


“A creative life is an amplified life.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

History of Transformational Coaching

As a field of discipline, Coaching evolved from the model of executive leadership development and mentoring. Thomas J. Leanord is considered to be the original creator of the field of personal professional coaching and founder of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Transformational coaching draws its roots from a number of schools of thought and areas of research and study, including transpersonal and metaphysical psychology, leadership and spiritual development, somatic and depth psychology, neuro science, quantum physics and relational communications, to name a few.

Through years of discipline, study and practice, Being Human Life and the Entelechy Institute have evolved over 2-1/2 decades. We believe that society and humanity is at a tipping point in need of new methods, process and leadership in assisting the evolutionary shift currently underway. Our unique and multi-dimensional coaching model entails an integrative and facilitative coaching methodology and philosophy that we believe are an integral part of a thriving society.

Transformational EVOLUTIONARY Coaching has gradually developed and adapted from other methods, ancient wisdom teachings, energetic and intuitive techniques that foster deep unlearning (of outmoded beliefs and conditioned patterns) and new learning, expanding spiritual and emotional intelligence, creativity, reimagining, and connection to the whole SELF on a deeper, more substantial, level. Humans transform from the inside-out, in how they feel, think, and behave.

Transformational Evolutionary Coaching produces lasting, sustainable change. New perspectives, embodied ecology and a whole person approach are essential to enable, empower and sustain transformation.

“The question isn’t what does the world or others want from you. Job security is a thing of the
past. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because the planet, humanity and world
needs people who are awake, alive, and willing to say YES to being a force for positive change and
evolution in the NEW ERA.”

— Nina Louise (Roberts Salveson) —

Transformational EVOLUTIONARY Coaching In

Whether working with individuals or groups, we have developed and perfected a deeper and more exacting level of personal change from within. We connect people to their Divine Blueprint and assist them in reclaiming forgotten aspects of their strengths, talents, passions, interests and values. We assist people in becoming WHOLE humans as they begin to redefine what it means to play, create, work, love and serve BEING HUMAN. This kind of coaching can only happen on a bedrock of safe space, support, trust, and non-judgmental acknowledgment, celebration and encouragement.

This requires a great depth of self-awareness, mindful presence dedication and commitment on behalf of the transformational evolutionary coach, combined with a skilled and experienced integration of evolved intellectual, emotional, spiritual and somatic intelligence and practice in service to others.

The Entelechy Institute professional training for certified or licensed coaches, healers, therapists, teachers and leaders who have a foundation training and practice in traditional transpersonal life, wellness or other coaching. This is why it is essential that training specifically focused on transformational evolutionary coaching is imperative for those seeking to become a transformational coach, or
to work on a deeper, more profound level with clients.

To Learn more About How Transformational Evolutionary Coaching is Emerging as the Essential Coaching Model of the Future, Let’s Connect.

“To live is to express oneself freely in creation.”

– Bruce Lee

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