Single Energetic/Clearing Sessions with Nina

Disclaimer: I do not diagnose or prescribe treatment for medical conditions, or make decisions for you about your life. Neither yoga nor Shamanic Reiki is a substitute for medical, psychological or any other treatment, counseling or professional services, but they can aid and support traditional treatments.

Energy Upgrade Session

Do you know where you are going with your life, but would like help upgrading your energy system to support this transition?

Through energetic clearings, done either in-person or over the phone, we clear your blocks, cleanse your energies, activate your chakra systems within and beyond your physical body, and activate your heart-brain intelligences to this next phase in your life.

SO you can create and manifest with ease and in RIGHT alignment with your intention and purpose.

These types of ENERGETIC RESET sessions are included in the Deep Dive Coaching Packages, but can be purchased as a one-time session.

120 minute session: $260

Virtual sessions available outside Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

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BHL (Being Human Life) Energetic Upgrade™

BHL (Being Human Life) Energetic Upgrade™ is an accelerated experience for the more advanced spiritual seeker who is living largely aligned and in right relationship with self.

You have a clear sense of:

  • Who you are
  • Your purpose on Earth
  • What you are creating OR ready to create

This Energetic Upgrade Reset involves a higher octave of applied quantum activations, long-forgotten ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness attunement, energy medicine with Marma Point and restorative holistic principles bridged into one powerful formula that quickly and permanently guides you to release any physical, mental and emotional root blocks, stresses or traumas you may be experiencing or carrying – consciously or subconsciously.

This work is completed on my REIKI table and is deeply transformative, restful and relaxing, combined with hypnotic induction, deep quantum healing technique and binaural beat and solfeggio sound healing. Tuning forks and other crystalline tools may be included. 

Healing Deeply

This session is deeply healing, clearing, cleansing – across and within the levels of  the subtle and gross energy bodies – and vibrationally raises your frequency in the heart and mind, energy body, emotional mental and spiritual bodies so that an energetic refinement and fine-tuning occurs.

This is the full spectrum, restorative and abidingly reverent attunement, cleansing and frequency-raising experience that is needed to expand and lift.

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BHL (Being Human Life)

During the LIVE HIGHER Healing Activation, you will be aligned with the high vibration of unconditional love and additionally supported by the higher 5th dimensional frequencies and the energies lovingly referred to as “TEAM.”

This is a live session and can be completed in-person or virtually, so it is easy to receive this powerful energetic transmission.

A follow up email is sent to you containing a synopsis of the activation session to help you integrate the energies in your subtle energetic and gross matter bodies. You will feel the experience in many ways, on many levels.

Be prepared for a bath of infinite peace, joy and love that will shift your perspective, reframe former thoughts and mindset, and lift you into a more calm and relaxed experience in life.

You will feel the melting, dissolving of restrictive, limiting, and judgemental negative thoughts in the presence of the unconditional love frequency flowing from the Divine presence and your own inner higher self.

This activation offers a sacred, safe and loving environment that gently reconnects you with your Highest Self, which is Divine Love. During the Activation, you may experience bursts of laughter and joy, releasing through tears, and possibly a clearing of pain, physical tension and discomfort that you have been holding in.

You will experience deep relaxation and serenity, tranquility, peace, gratitude, and appreciation for you, your embodiment, and life itself.

120 minute session: $260

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Advanced Shamanic Reiki Healing Session

You desire:

  • Deep relaxation and release of held stress
  • Reduction of chronic or acute pain
  • A sense of vitality, harmony and balance
  • Support and insight through life’s transitions
  • Enhanced overall wellbeing

Schedule a private healing session that insightfully blends the ancient healing energy of traditional Shamanistic Earth Medicine and Reiki into a practice that lovingly honors your unique physiology and subtle energy.

Each session is customized in the moment to meet your needs, empower your ability to heal on many layers, and balance the flow of your life energy (also called prana, vital life force and chi).

You are your own healer. I deeply trust your inner wisdom and the guidance of Spirit to reveal the holistic practice that will best serve you.

You can create and invite your own healing and transformation when you are held in safe and judgement-free space.

Shamanic practices that can be integrated into your session include energetic clearing, cord and obstruction removal, Chakra balancing, and shamanic journeying for insight and healing.

Your investment in an individual 90-minute session: $150

3 Session Package: $400

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