Deep Dive Being Human Custom Retreat

Retreat (ReSet, ReCollect, ReImagine, ReLaunch)

With the world in a state of transformation and deep change, are you questioning what is in store for your future? Are you anxious, unclear and undecided? Or are you clear about what you would like to create in your life, but uncertain about how to make it happen? Perhaps you seek to yourself more deeply, clarify your Life Purpose and Soul’s Mission (they are different), or in one or every way transform your life.

Maybe you want to stop seeking and enjoy being. Perhaps the pandemic and forced changes in lifestyle and way of working has prepared you to create something new. You might not know what you want yet feel sure there is ‘something more’.

Many women reach a time in their lives when they feel lost or uncertain… in need of a pause…..a time to think and to listen. Maybe the pandemic and changing world have opened Maybe you have a wonderful new relationship transforming your world…or maybe you new dream realized or being imagined.


If this is you, then a private custom retreat may be what your life is asking you to do!

  • Are you fulfilling your potential?
  • Are you consistently as awake, happy, healthy, self-actualized, content and vibrantly joyful as you want to be?
  • Do you yearn to create a more awake, brave, gutsy bold and inspired lifethat embodies your inner wisdom and expresses your authentic self?
  • Are you frustrated with a lack of follow-through of your intentions and desires or integrating and applying learning from books or other courses?
  • Is there a creative project, a book, the taking on or releasing of an old program, habit, that you wish to replace as a means to empowering yourself?
  • Maybe you have a sense of a higher potential wanting to emerge through you? Asking yourself What is my Soul’s Mission and my Life Purpose?


“Transformation does not happen from an external source or someone else changing you; transformation is an inner self re-imagining and re-imagineering of what you are now and have been to what you desire to and will become.”

– Nina

The transformation journey starts when you aspire to do the work that is truly meaningful to you. It is usually sparked with a life event or spiritual awakening. Sometimes that awakening occurs spontaneously, and often it evolves with a nagging, growing discontent and  questioning of things that once made sense or that you never questioned.

Life meaning and deeper fulfillment is inner-driven because it is the outward expression of your inner self. 

Whatever your desires and yearnings, your confusion, you BIG questions, it is your burning desire that serves as the fuel to visualize, re-imagine and reframe your perspectives, in the creative process, that will help you realize and manifest the Next Act of your life.

About The Retreat Experience

The Retreat experience has many parts designed to support your transformation:

  • 4 nights at a beautiful Colorado, Superior North Shore or Sedona location that together you choose with Coach Nina. I will give you options to choose from that fit your personal needs.. Options include a wide range of luxury or more natural locations that regular travelers would not know about, so just know that you will be afforded a very personalized experience starting with your restful retreat spot. You are responsible for lodging fees and travel expenses.
  • You will choose your own healthy, nutritious and delicious meals from options to suit your culinary preferances and dietary needs. As a wellness Coach, Nina always brings healthy snacks along so get ready to be inspired by whole foods and treats.
  • Time for energy work with Nina or bodywork that you choose from a menu of treatments. (fee not included)
  • Full retreat activity program designed by Nina that may include (based on weather predictions) walking and/or trail hiking geared to your fitness level; or stay in high mountains including hot springs soaking included)
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with Master Certified Coach Nina during your retreat along with 1 preparation session before you arrive and 1 upon your return home. (included)
  • Retreat support activities that will allow you to support your process and may include guided journal activities, soul collage, reconnection with nature, earthing, reading resources, yoga, meditation, movement and more…included)

Is a Custom Retreat Right for YOU?

If you are a woman who is recovering from or in the midst of burnout…or a Leader with a very public life…or are ready to press pause and contemplate on the NEXT ACT of your life… you need the confidentiality and anonymity that will allow you to be open, real, heard and seen… or if you are someone going through a health challenge or BIG life transition… you may benefit from the safe, expert retreat space that the Retreat will give you.

This experience is not therapy for women having a mental health crisis or someone who is experiencing clinical depression. It is for a woman who wants to create a space of time to listen to her life and be supported and guided by the power of the coaching conversation along with the type of intentional activities that a custom retreat offers.


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