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ReImagine, ReCreate, ReLaunch Your Life as Your Best, Most Integrated, Whole You

  • Founder ~ Being Human Life / Entelechy Institute
  • Producer ~ GEMs (Guided Energy Meditations)
  • Co-Producer ~ Being Human Upper Room, HeartSphere, Conversations, Immersions, Activations, Courses and Retreat

Hello and Welcome. I am Nina.

My purpose and mission is to assist you in living into your fullest expression of your desire(s) and potential with ease and confidence.  I coach those ready to become authentically better at Being (more fully) Human. Once you truly connect with the magnetic pull of your inner knowing, truth and beauty (seriously), we flow through the process of integrating your deepest desire with your intuitive creative outer expression and outer manifest reality (Entelechy). In other words, be your best, authentic and clear, create with ease and live your best, value and purpose-driven life.

I walk with you through your own inner-to-outer transformation so that you can coherently and confidently create and integrate your best life.

If you are reading this, you are more than likely ready to clear any residual threads of an old narrative or program of false, limiting belief and shift your focus toward reimagining an ideal future state of life in the world as you desire it to be versus fear on the current state of the world. What if I told you THIS is the reason you are here?

I have learned from and have been supported by the greatest teachers, coaches, mentors AND clients. I have walked my own path to awakened living. I have healed most of my wounds, rewritten most of my old story, and have largely learned to accept myself, complete with strengths, talents, flaws, quirks and imperfections. I am a work in progress and I believe this is the work of the Soul. The reason that we are here is to evolve our soul, clear out what is not a resonant fit, recognize and embrace the best of ourselves, and then show and share the best we have be and give to the world. I am ready to co-create and walk with you as you become your best expression of your essence in your living reality – this is Entelechy!

My private coaching sessions reflect a skillful integration of studies, training, practice, intuition, deep listening, dialogue, powerful questions, and  thoughtfully   applied techniques in several other disciplines and transformation methods (energetic rebalancing and coherence, hypnosis and NLP, yogic, shamanic and metaphysical studies, Reiki, Wellington TTouch, sound, breathing and and most coaching disciplines).

I am greatly influenced by quantum and neuro-brain science, cosmology and consciousness , direct esoteric experiences and the principles of psychospiritual/physical  integration.

I live and work peacefully with her husband and 3 dogs in Victoria, near Carver Reserve  and the coldest winter months in Lower Florida Keys.

Work Privately with Nina

Transformation Evolutionary Coaching Deep Dives for Individuals, Professionals & Leaders

  • Being Human Gateway Immersion for Experienced Coaches, Teachers, Healers
  • Entelechy Coaching Training 1
  • Entelechy Transformational Coaching Training Mastery 2

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1-on-1 Deep Dive 12 Week Coaching Program

Free yourself with Transformational Evolutionary Coaching.

ReImagine, ReCreate and ReLaunch Your Self and Life with Transformational Coaching.

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Intuitive Energetic Clearing
& Reset

Single Energetic Clearing Rebalancing Reset Sessions with Nina (Pre-coaching or Stand Alone sessions, virtual and in-office live)

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Deep Dive Being Human Custom Retreat (retreats will be
scheduled in 2021)

The Retreat experience has many parts designed to support your transformation

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Life 3rd Act Relaunch

Recollect, ReImagine, ReCreate, ReLaunch Your Life as Your Best, Most Integrated, Whole You

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Teacher/Facilitator Trainings

Meditation Teacher Training

  • Mindful Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 & 2
  • Meditation Teacher Practice Builder Mastermind Group
  • Advanced Meditation Practices for Spiritual Development

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Transformational Reiki

  • Usui Reiki Training Levels 1-3
    Integrative Reiki with Crystals Master
  • Integrative Reiki with Sound Healing, Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls
  • Introduction to North American Shamanic Arts
  • Integrative Reiki with Shamanic Drumming

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Energy Sessions for Healing and Transformation

  • Introduction to Energy Systems for Healing and Transformation
  • Advanced Energy Systems in Practice
  • New Chakra System Integration and 5 D Alchemy

Universal Laws / Manifestation

  • Integrating Universal Laws New Frontiers in Living in the HeartSphere with Universal Laws
  • inPowered Manifestation

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Deepening Conversation

  • Deepening Conversations and Facilitation in the HeartSphere
  • Creating and Holding Sacred Space Facilitators Training

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Client Reviews

Why I do what I do is all about Becoming. Being Human. 

Each of us has the power within us to imagine, overcome challenges and to create the life we desire and the life we were born to live. I have always known since age 15, that I loved the human spirit, psychology of mind, consciousness, nature and the natural rhythms of everything as energy. Since my first psychology class and introduction to human development at age 15, I knew this passion might someday steer me into my soul’s mission and life purpose. Fast forward to today, I look back over the last five decades and I see and understand clearly how the Universe and the Lifeforce of Creation guides us. The Universe has our backs! When we allow the natural rhythms, like the change of seasons, to flow into, within, through and out of us, life becomes easier, more magical, joyful and meaningful.

Each of us deserves to reach our potential and manifest our mission and purpose while on earth. It is our birthright and must be claimed. It can only be realized through the inner deeper work of clearing and releasing what holds us back, creating the inner space to re-imagine, re-claim and re-launch ourselves into a new story for our life.

My personal credo embraces my deepest value and belief that the greatest contribution that any of us can make to the world is to grow and expand in consciousness, courage and confidence, self-awareness, self-realization, and the innate power that we all carry within us to manifest purpose, peace, joy and freedom.

TRUTH:  The Universe really works for us, not against us, I discovered that this thing called life is about loving, living and serving. Becoming the best human version of ourselves. My service in this life is to guide, assist others in the inner-to-outer process of becoming self empowered, confident to live life more bravely, boldly and dynamically.

Brigitta W., Conscious Career Coach, Germany

“Nina is kind, incredibly intuitive and skillful. She is an accomplished integrative coach and always open to whatever “shows up,” no preconceived ideas, no judgment -not everybody has that. I felt more purposeful, self-directed and discovered what truly lights me up. Nina is an exceptional transformative coach with an amazing skillset across every spectrum of life. Nina is the real deal. The result: I was more connected with myself. Awake. Alive.”

Evona D., Harow, Australia

“Nina is like the bend in the stream that guides the flow where it needs to go, She helped me break through, enjoy higher sense of freedom, move forward the upward spiral, and helped me be more illuminated, more enlightened, and free.”

Tamra M., Executive, Business Coach

“Nina is not only well experienced in her professional field, but also she is warm, perceptive and has a deep understanding of the human condition and the human spirit. She is exceptionally intuitive in weaving themes, connecting dots and energetic clearing and rebalancing. When I started working with Nina, she helped me realize how my body, heart, mind and business were connected. As we talked, she guided me to be in touch with my deeper and longings and also to helped me adopt a thriving mindset. After working with Nina, I felt more confident and courageous. I love my business and life even more than I ever imagined possible. ”

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