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Being Human RISE Collective

Awakened Support, Guidance and Community

The Transformation RISE Collective is for Humans who are AWAKENED, AWAKENING, and READY to be among an interconnected community called to RISE in cocreative, collaborative and transformative times- together we RISE! Being Human RISE Collective members are committed to living in their full potential and expanded expression of their authentic self with an embodied vision and manifesto to reimagine and cocreate new narratives, a new story for a new paradigm in the New Human Era.

Are you READY to uplift, expand and RISE into your full potential, living even MORE masterfully? Are you interested in serving and loving in the New Era that we are co-creating together?  Joining the RISE Collective supports living your personal “manifesto” and expansion in mastery while being surrounded and supported in the Being Human and Entelechy Community! 

OM (On Meditation) Being Human Collective

Welcome to the OM (On Meditation) Being Human Collective. The simple process of mindful meditation we teach is accessible to everyone from ages 8-98. Meditation that is supported with the breath and single focused concentration creates an energetic response in the gut, heart, brain and body that results in calming, relaxing and effortless congruency and coherence, often referred to as the “stillpoint.” Step away from the noise and chaos of the outside world and be guided to a place of inner peace, nonjudgmental, and possibly even calm bliss.



Guided Energetic Activation

We are all created with the potential to awaken to the divine that dwells within us. Optimal health/wellbeing is much more than the absence of sickness; it “is reflected in the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical, mental, emotional spitirual and psyosocial aspects of the human experience, according to the American Holistic Health Association. Consciousness is energy in it’s highest form. Guided activations that assist in shifting into higher vibrational levels of the auric field help to move  into the higher aspects of will, emotions, intuition, discernment and reason. Guided activations of the sacred 7 chakra  system, pineal gland (regulator of consciousness), third eye and the frontal lobe of the brain support the process of learning how to move into the higher vibrational levels of the auric field. Energetic activations expand our ability to be guided to the deeper process of expanded spiritual connection, because human consciousness is activated through the energetic systems. 

Spiritual Attunements

Spiritual Attunements include activations that offer expansive support for your increasing intuitive and extra sensory perceptual capabilities and trusting awareness of subtle energetic vibration and frequencies.

These guided meditations raises your frequency, balance and align your heart-mind-brain and higher consciousness, a swell as increase your momentum toward your divine purpose, and mindful, spiritual presence from your inner center within, where you attain coherence with Source.

Expand Entelechy

Expanding Entelechy is an experiential curriculum that will accelerate your  transformational evolution and expand your  consciousness that will guide you into the New Era.

You will be guided through a recollection and reintegration process that will align you with your Divine blueprint and new perceptions and thought structure.

Awaken your I AM Presence

For advancing Seekers, wayshowers and Light Warriors, this guided meditation collection assists you in stepping boldly and confidently, with trust and faith into your highest and clearest expression of your Divine I AM presence. 

In your highest self, you will become comfortable within your deep, vast multidimensional constitution, awareness of your emerging crystalline structure and one interconnected whole with the Universe, cosmic consiousness and divine Source.

Mastery in the Upper Room

Experience a more advanced series of activating meditations as a divinely guided journey that illuminates the energetic chakras with in and beyond the body, with the Earth Star and Mystar 12 chakra crystalline system. 

These are for Being Human graduates and advanced spiritual seekers, way showers and light workers on a path to becoming a light warrior.

Raise Your Frequency

The Frequency Raising series is a collection of guided audio meditations that are blended with scientifically evidence-based hertz sound frequencies that facilitate and support clarity, peace and DNA healing rebalancing. 

Transformational Evolution in the New Era

Experience your Divine temple in your coherent embodiment and receive guided activations, guidance, tools and support in fully understanding and embracing the acceleration of change, expansion of light frequency and change in ushering in the new era as old systems, duality and separation (from Source, unity consciousness and humanity) begin to fall away. 

Learn crucial enhanced practices for self regulation, mindful presence and inner and outer neutrality as the waves of change begin to accelerate as humanity is pushed ever-more toward unity, oneness and the walls of judgment, duality and separation fall away along with old systems.

Living Your Manifesto Series

Are you awakened with a peaceful, centering and calming spiritual practice, but life on the outside is stressed, and incongruent with your desire, intention and living reality? Living Your Manifesto Series is an effective way to bridge the gap. This inspiring and amazing process combines an ancient art with a 21st century neuroscience-based process will unite your heart-mind and spirit in a deeply relaxed theta state process that activates inner oberservation and insight so that you create your personal manifesto as an energized guide and blueprint for your life.