Master Course for Coaches, Practitioners, and Leaders

Accelerate and Support Transformation in Yourself and Your Clients

Starting in February 2022

About the Event

We are living in a New Era that is propelling us into our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively.

Are you a holistic coach, practitioner, or leader who could use support as old paradigms are disintegrating and new optimal possibilities are emerging? How do you navigate these shifts yourself and best support your patients, clients, and staff? 

This 2-month group coaching series is designed to create community, expand perspectives, accelerate development, and ignite creativity as we support you and your service. It is intended for holistic coaches, practitioners, and leaders with a desire to deepen their understanding and skills supporting human development and transformation.

Your clients, patients, and staff come to you for guidance and clarity as they explore where they are now and where they want to be for optimal whole person, mind-body-spirit health, wellness, and purpose. As you transform and step more into your power, you expand your capacity to support them co-create an empowered, authentic life where full potential is realized.

Program Details

– This course will be facilitated by Nina Roberts Salveson and Michele Rae.

– Participants will receive 16 CEUs for NBC-HWC upon completion of the course.

– Groups will meet live every week for eight 2-hour sessions via Zoom with independent study and resources on supporting each week.

– Groups will be limited to 12 registrants.

About the Instructors

Nina Roberts Salveson and Michele Rae are transformational and evolutionary coaches/guides and experiential catalysts. Our invitation is to people who are awakened to their inner wisdom and willing to accept the challenge to become brave, courageous, inspired, and practical agents of systemic transformation, in order to create peace and sustainability in support of a new human era. Being Human Life Immersions, Retreats, and Master Classes are designed to help participants feel connected and give them strategies to be masterful in their lives.

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