Entelechy Institute

The Entelechy Institute is dedicated to coaching, teaching and developing the personally awakened human who is ready for more depth and meaning in life.

With coaching now helping people address almost every aspect of life, we train coaches and experienced practitioners, leaders, therapists, and cultural change agents to respond with inclusivity, sensitivity, curiosity, confidence and flexibility to the many issues that clients bring.

In recognition of the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic for in-person training intensives, we “pivoted, adapted and adjusted to crafting live virtual trainings and immersions that you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The virtual experience replicates the live classroom training experience in all ways with trainer-led presentations, break-out sessions, interactive group conversations, Q&As, coaching and facilitation of process and integration, detailed walkthroughs of models and practices.

A core aspect of Being Human Life and Entelechy Institute is this: we don’t just believe in transformation coaching, we’re leading its evolution.

We believe that the pandemic has markedly accelerated a slow-moving process of human and planetary shift and transformation that is forcing a global, cultural, societal and planetary evolution that is calling humanity to evaluate what it means to BE HUMAN, STAY HUMAN, and evolve with the Universal shifts taking place to usher in the new Aquarian Age. We are entering a New Era.

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Transformational Coaching is Evolving

At the CORE of Entelechy Institute is our current model of Transformational coaching. The field of personal professional coaching (and all of the niches that reside under the Coaching umbrella) still has a relatively young history.

Being Human Life and Entelechy Institute Transformational coaching draws its roots from a number of schools of thought and utilizes what has proven valuable in old-school coaching methods and fuses them together with the science of consciousness, the five intelligences, quantum science and quantum mechanics.

Transformational coaching is fluid and adaptive as a part of an evolutionary process, gradually developing and adapting from other methods and fields of psychology, philosophy and for the founders, the Quantum Field.

Transformational coaching is focused on enabling clients to change and transform how they feel, think, create, act and live.

This is made possible by coaches, leaders and facilitators like Nina and Michele, who have studied and evolved with the coaching profession for more than 20 years.

As more experience, study, has been gained, we have integrated new building blocks in psychology and neuroscience and are trusting the emotional, spiritual intelligences in supporting the development of our programs.

Being Human Life is dedicated to supporting and guiding people who have a deep yearning for something more.

You hear the rumbling beneath your feet. You know the old paradigms are shifting. You see others in your life resisting the change. Yet you feel something stirring within you. You desire to pivot, shift and transform, BE THE CHANGE that yields MORE.

More Purpose.

More Passion.

More Meaning.

More Fulfillment.

Being Human is about one word: Change – from the inside -out.

Being Human Life and Entelechy Institute are Humanitarian focused.

Our core purpose is to assist others into greater phases of self realized consciousness and living life more fully expressed in their essence (Entelechy) and Divine Nature.

In this process, our consciousness evolves and our habitual behaviors, limiting beliefs and old patterns begin to dissolve. This is where the brain rewires itself and it’s old belief patterns.

As humans, we recall and touch the Divine in our heart, Soul and mind. Some individuals call this awakening. Others refer to it as ascension. Either way, it is a deep remembrance and a process of evolution.

Spiritual Awakening isn’t a lifestyle The process of spiritual awakening involves physical, mental and emotional shifts. This experience leads to changes within ourselves and alters our philosophy of life.

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BEING HUMAN LIFE offers pathways to reconnection with self in the journey to becoming whole again.

Entelechy Institute is a cocreative collaboration between me and an amazing colleague and true friend, Michele Rae. Together we said “YES” to the call to expand into the creation of leading edge programs, training and immersions that guides people into the New Era in the most gentle and empowering manner possible. Entelechy exists to develop certified professional coaches, licensed therapists and practitioners who are ready to step up in the New Era as an Ambassador for the New Earth Era.

We guide the mastery and development by becoming an Agent of transformation, awakening and empowerment using New Era tools, practices and methods supporting expansion of consciousness, energetic clearing and evolution of thought, creative manifestation and personal individual, group and community evolution.

What is Entelechy?

ENTELECHY (pronounced EN-TEL-UH-KEE)  is a Greek Latin word  derived from Aristotle’s  Philosophy. (Encyclopedia Britannica) “Entelchy is that which realizes and makes actual and manifest what is otherwise merely potential.”

In our New Era application, we embrace Entelechy to mean “the most authentic alchemical and transformational process through which inner essence and potential is realized in human consciousness and creatively manifested in the world of outer reality.”


Learn About Upcoming Events & Programs