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Deep Change Requires Courage To Release the Old and To Envision, Allow and Be in Co-creation of the New

Welcome to Transformation. 

Change is the universal law of nature. Accepting change in our life means letting go of some things so that we can reimagine and welcome something new, different, and better. Deep change that is transformational is a part of the Soul’s journey on Earth. It is a necessary process – often uncomfortable, exciting, sometimes messy and frustrating, other times fascinating and mystical. The universal law of nature encourages and supports accepting those changes that benefit us, society and the nation, planet, and all life. The old gives way to the new.

As Humanity and all life experiences the labor pains of evolution, we are living amidst an intensifying purging process to help us move through this phase of the unfolding Divine Plan. It takes Readiness and Bold Courage to resist denial and avoidance, to shift unconscious survival mechanisms that are no longer necessary, and to make choices that align you with new future potential. It takes Courage to love in its many facets; even receiving pleasure, saying no, standing up for yourself, and honoring your boundaries. Those can be loving actions, even if they feel uncomfortable in the moment. That is the energy of transformation.

  • Where are you being courageous in your life to heal, release or let go in your life? What are you ready to release now? 
  • What are you saying “So Long” to, releasing from your life?
  • What are you saying “Welcome In” to your life?

The more we release that which no longer works (because we have outgrown, evolved to new awareness, or we feel controlled, oppressed, or suppressed, or we are stuck in the past or fearful of the future), the more space we create for something new and better to enter. 

Could you use some loving support in letting go and releasing, so that you can say “So Long” to the old and “Hello” to the new? 

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