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The Challenge with Knowledge through Self Help Books, Ted Talks and YouTube Videos

For More than three decades, I have met hundreds of people and new clients whose stories are similar. They are awake and have spent years studying personal development and self-help material. They read all the books, attend all the seminars, all the drop in classes and enroll in all the courses. This was me at one point in my life.

Humans are innately curious and hungry to know more. They believe that if they can just  learn the latest productivity tricks, tips on the psychology of dating and relationships, or get the best business coaching advice, they will be able to lead better, happier lives. They sometimes think that if they change jobs, their lives will improve, relationships will be happier.

In many cases that may be true – temporarily. But only half-true.

There are few things humans hunger for more than knowledge. In short, we all want to know what went down and what is going down.  Of course we also desire to know what will go down but there is no person, thing, nor crystal ball, tarot reader or psychic that can predict the future with accuracy that will improve everything.

Our endless quest for knowledge pings our awareness to different points in time and space to collect data that we consciously and subconsciously process. The knowledge we pick up throughout our lives heavily influences our belief systems and decision-making.

Having an awareness of how things operate is a crucial part of the equation of success in life, however, the key point here is that knowledge is only helpful to the extent that it allows us to experience greater empowerment. By empowerment I mean that which aligns with freedom, self-awareness, joy and peace in our thoughts and actions.

Unfortunately, knowledge is used far and wide towards a disempowered end. We use knowledge to justify all sorts of behaviors that ultimately separate us from what we truly need and desire.

For many people, knowledge is absorbed in great quantities but never translates into empowered action. Anyone can read 20 books on starting a business, but can they get out there in the world and make it happen? If we don’t set one foot in front of another and act on what we know, we are bound to repeat the same cycles of pain and complacency. I know many people, many coaches, healers, teachers and mentors, yoga teachers and practitioners who complete every training available, while collecting completion certificates, but never integrating, embodying and stepping into living, doing and being unified with all of this learned knowledge. 

Knowledge must be practiced, applied and experimented with in real time, with willingness to learn, grown, make mistakes, practice some more. This application is what allows us to become masterful in life. Becoming masterful in life is what it means to evolve. Growing, learning, evolving makes us happier, better humans with more depth. Diving Deep. Mining the gems within. Becoming masterful in whatever you choose IS our life purpose.

So I challenge you to ponder how you may be using knowledge as an excuse to not go after what’s in your heart. You know what needs to be done. There’s nothing left to do but take the first-sometimes scary- but always worthwhile- step in the direction of your desires. Now.

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Simple Practices in Intuition

So often my clients ask me, “How can I really tune into my intuition?” There are so many ways we can integrate our intuition into our daily life and discover the magic in even the most simplest of tasks.  Ultimately you are aiming to live a life with Spirit as your trusted advisor in all areas.

Oh no I hear you say! Another set of tips I have to try and remember! It’s not like that I promise! It will not take extra time out of your day to practise these tips as you are already doing these intuitive things nearly every single day.

All we are going to do is take an extra breath or two, before we focus on what we are already doing, and make a conscious note of any feeling, name or message that comes to mind.

Increase Your Intuition With These 7 Tips

  1. How often do you forget your carefully written shopping list? No problem. Instead of trying to remember what is on your list, use it as an opportunity to follow your intuition with what was on your list. See in your third eye your list as if it is in your hand. Over time you will get better and better.
  2. Before you arrive at your destination, see yourself getting the perfect park. Do not see anyone leaving it only that it is free for you.
  3. Before opening a text or answering a phone call, allow yourself to intuitively ‘see’ who it is. Confirm out loud “I had a feeling it was you”.
  4. Repeat Tip 3 but in reverse before you call or text someone. Think about them for a moment. They will likely say “I was just thinking of you and you called.”
  5. Try to intuitively predict the outcome of T.V. shows and movies you are watching, or books you are reading.
  6. Before leaving home, imagine your journey being clear, you get all green lights and arrive safely and on time at your destination. Remember when you arrive to give thanks.
  7. Play code cracking games or guessing games such as battleships with someone, and practise tuning in before each turn. You can progress to blocking your opponent and tuning in depending on whose turn it is.

Tune in to Spirit for Guidance in the Small as well as Big Stuff

We often think Spirit is only there for the big stuff… love, career, finances and so on. We can become locked into only seeing the patterns in the big things and we often miss that Spirit is a part of everything, even the mundane tasks we do every day. Be present, stay open. Breathe. Look up often. Seek new and fresh perspectives. Ask for guidance and be curious and in wonder about the ways in which your requests are answered!

Crawl, Walk, then Run

The phrase…”crawl, then learn to walk before you can run” is important here, because it is when we begin to listen to our intuition each day on the little things i.e. the car park in number 2, or the heads up in number 6 to go a different way, that we find the meaning in “trusting Spirit.”

It’s when we talk to Spirit at the “daily little things” level and give thanks, that we can see the synchronicity and patterns in all that we do. This is what builds trust between you and Spirit. It is this trusting relationship you develop through talking with Spirit daily, that helps you have faith during truly challenging times. An example that I use often involves misplacing my keys or phone. I search and then when I don’t find it, I ask Spirit Guides and Angel Jophiel, please lead me to my keys. If I am open, breathing and patient, I allow guidance. It works – every single time, concluding with a thought that I had no idea how the keys or phone would have been left in the place to which I was “led.”

Communicate with Spirit Daily

No matter how big or small your issue is! To see Spirit’s gentle messages and patterns in the life changing moments, can only happen if you are aware of how to read, communicate and trust Spirit daily. Trust is something that comes from a relationship being built, based upon practicing asking, presence, listening, watching and patience. Take the time and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in this way. In doing so, you will be led by Spirit to discover other gifts and abilities within yourself that you never thought possible.