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How Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?

November 2021 Blog | Intentional Living | Transformational Presence | Life on Purpose | Being Human 

Since my awakening, healing, and spiritual journey that started following my parents’ passing in my very young, fledgling adulthood, I discovered that the process of knowing and trusting one’s life purpose requires moving beyond the resistance into a willingness to explore the unknown and unfamiliar. This means creating an abundance of self-reflection, solitude, listening to others, paying attention to intuitive nudges, and acknowledging passions, talents, and what captures one’s attention. I realized that this kick-started my discovery of my purpose that would fuel my happiness and meaning in my life.

Where are you in your process of tapping into your life on purpose?

“What do you desire? What makes you itch?”

~ Alan Watts  (listen to his full talk on purpose)

As a seasoned transformational depth coach and deep systems change agent over three decades and thousands of private, group, and community client engagements, I know that happiness and meaningfulness overlap. Alone, happiness is linked to being on the receiving end, while meaningfulness is linked to being on the giving end of altruistic choices and behavior. When happiness and meaningfulness become fused, there is a great receiving and fulfillment that is derived from being altruistic and giving. In the giving there is impact and seeing another light up, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation, is the ultimate gift in giving to others.

Discovering one’s purpose requires patience and trust in owning what lights us up. It takes courage to then forge the path to then weaving our purpose into how we show up in our lives. My purpose involves women empowering women. Humans Being Humanely Human and on purpose. Helping parents nurture their teens and young adult children into adulting in an uncertain world. Creating and leading wilderness transformational retreats in beautiful natural spaces. These are all the themes that pulse through, within, and from my heart. I have rediscovered and renewed my unwavering commitment to my core life purpose – assisting others who are ready to tap into their power, purpose, and most authentic potential expressed through being in presence, living on purpose, and in service.

Over these last few years of profound change and transformative infusions of energy, insight, and reflection, I have come to understand the difference to be “On Purpose”.

So what does it mean to live a life “On Purpose?”  The foundation of living this way of life is authenticity. My definition of authenticity means that I do not sell myself short of what I believe and know who I am to please someone and seek their approval. I say what it is there for me to say at that moment, or when I realize that it is there for me to speak with care, compassion, without becoming reactive, defensive, or blaming. 

In a late October five-day retreat led with my dear friend and colleague Michele Rae, we explored deep listening, witnessing another, and the power of authentic conversation. We practiced being and leaning into the “sacred standards of presence,” speaking truthfully and remaining firmly rooted in compassion and deep listening, on purpose even during more difficult conversations spurred by triggers or themes arising for healing. 

To be “On Purpose” means that each action taken or not taken was done or not done with meaning. Not just to check a box or gain praise from others. A life “On Purpose” truly means that each day I am connected to the realization that it could be my last.

When I become present to this I now possess the power to touch, move, and inspire individuals that I come in contact with through my authenticity and fully being with them. Throughout this year of personal expansion, I’m learning more about the power of liminal space—the importance of staying present and working with the “space in between” (then and the near now) or the “waiting time” between what once was and the emerging unknown, unclear future instead of fighting against it. I feel like I’m learning something more about the partnership of transformational presence, flow, and being while in action—sensing when it’s time to pause and observe, and when it’s time to move in the dance between nothing, formlessness, and everything. And sensing how essential it feels to remain incredibly present while in action toward what is clearly emerging as the New Human Era.

Expanding within Liminal Space Link to Audio

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Some of Alan Watt’s famous works are:

The Book

The Way of Zen

Become What You Are

The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety

BEING HUMAN Entelechy/True Nature Life School Personal Transformation

Transformation Through Spiritual Awakening Is About More Than Healing – It Is About Purposefully Evolving Into Your Best Self

Are you……

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? Ready to truly transform and reinvent your life to align with your Heart and Soul Call?

In my own experience, as well as assisting hundreds of other beautiful human beings through their spiritual awakening journey, I have learned that this process is one of unlearning, unraveling, reimagining, and allowing a newly expanded and refined way of authentically being human. Since we are multidimensional, energetic beings with a mind, body, spirit, and soul, it is important to access support in these key aspects of the transformational journey in spiritual awakening.

1. Tap into your soul and listen to your inner guidance. The awakening process fosters presence, mindfulness, and intuitive insight. 

2. Detach from the grip of judgment and comparison as you relearn to trust your instinct and higher intuitive mind so that you can allow your conscious mind to know that it is safe to give up control and come along for the adventure. Release roles of being a victim, supported through the healing process. 

3. Allow your body to move in the direction your soul is guiding you. Transformation through Spiritual Awakening fosters a re-embodiment of the energetic body, meaning that our body also holds intelligence, insight, and deeper wisdom. Being centered and grounded in our physical bodies helps us become congruent and aligned  in the human experience of our “3-Part Being” (body, mind, soul/spirit)

Spiritual Awakening – Speak and Live from Your Soul

When I look at the times in my life when I’ve transformed through my life experiences, they came through a spiritual awakening process. Some of these events were painful and turbulent, others moved with grace, quickness, and ease. The ones that were more challenging occurred early in my life when the unraveling, unwinding began, and my primary focus was healing my energetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Tools and Resources to Assist You in Your Transformational Spiritual Awakening

Seek Support

There is no “right or wrong way” to experience your spiritual awakening events, which are often triggered by a major life event, loss, or jarring life experience. The key is recognizing what may be happening and seeking support with a qualified coach and spiritual guide who can assist you in navigating the process.

Immerse in Nature

Everything in Nature is energetic consciousness with a very high frequency. The ecosystem of Nature innately “knows” that everything is interconnected, and we humans are energetically connected to all of creation. The elements of earth are the elements of creation – earth, water, fire, air, and aether- and the seven directions – north, south, east, west, above, below, and within…, are all unified in an interconnected whole. Mother Earth holds a very high vibration for your spiritual awakening. Every day I invest around an hour or more per day in nature. I may do a quick nature walk or go outside of my home and marvel at the incredible gifts of the earth and cosmos.

Read about Spirituality

I love to read and study spiritual books. Mostly channeled books bring me the most joy to read and awaken my soul. Go to a new or used book seller and review the books in the spirituality and philosophy sections. Let your intuition guide you as you browse. Or, ask a coach for some books to consider. One of my all-time favorite books that supported me throughout the years has been The Seat of the Soul original and updated editions, by Gary Zukav. Neale Donald Walsch’s channeled books and audios teach that we are the wisdom, love and truth that any moment will ever need to be healed and to participate in the evolution of the human species. 

I believe that there is a high vibrational 5th, 6th, or even 7th-dimensional energy story in the words of channeled books that can unlock the wisdom within ourselves. If you love to read, then a book may best resonate with your learning style. If you prefer to listen, you can always choose to listen to an audio book instead.

Explore Music and Healing Sound

Spiritual beings are soulful beings. When we become spiritually awakened we evolve to acknowledge and embrace the existence of our consciousness. Music speaks to the consciousness and thoughtfully selected music carries an energetic frequency that seems to begin where words leave off. Soulful songs, to name only a few, include Imagine by John Lennon, In My Secret Life by Leonard Cohen, They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson and Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Spiritual Meditation Music, Reiki Music, Solfeggio music, and sound healing music found on YouTube or Spotify, are wonderful resources for music. The one thing about music, according to Bob Marley, is that “when the music hits you, the pain goes away,” or it brings the emotion to the surface through tears so that healing occurs.

Expand Consciousness through Movies

Movies are a projection of a world that we choose to indulge in for a specified amount of time, offering the possibility of shifting our perception of space and time, and for a period of time, consider and reflect on the message and content being presented to us. Certain movies can satisfy our yearning and hunger for a deeper understanding, insight, and some form of truth. A movie, when seen through the eyes of a spiritually awakened person can be perceived as a spiritually awakening one. Some movies offer access to Universal truth that may provide an answer to a specific question. A few of my suggested favorites include Ghost, Origins, The Whale Rider, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, Midnight in Paris, and the documentary Heal. These are only a few.

Discover the Power of Crystals

Crystals help us clear stuck energies and me to raise our energetic vibration, or frequency,  that helps us reach new levels of conscious awareness. They are also powerful for clearing blocks or negative energy.

Join and Engage in Community

Belonging to a community with like-minded, open-hearted people sharing a spiritual path can be a wonderful support when the time feels right. Being Human Life offers a variety of ways to connect with a loving, caring, and supportive community, virtually and live. Scroll down for this month’s virtual Conversations in the Upper Room Gathering and FALL INTO AUTUMN Womens’ Retreat on October 24-28th in gorgeous Lanesboro, MN.

Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace, and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts, or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being, and experiencing life and the world at large. It is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning, and wounds, limiting beliefs, and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you. The work is profound and life-altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you. I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.

BEING HUMAN Entelechy/True Nature Life School Personal Transformation

Are you a Coach, a Catalyst for Healing, Transformation and Personal Human Development?

This month’s blog focuses on sharing 13 Life Lessons I have learned over 3 decades serving others as a dedicated Soul, Life, Purpose  & Leadership Coach and Metaphysical Empowerment Catalyst

I entered the coaching industry in it’s fledgling decade of the 1990s. To be exact, I completed two intensive years of residential spiritual and transpersonal coaching training and launched my coaching business in 1995. I soon went on to complete a master’s degree in self-generative human resiliency and development and advanced doctorate-level studies in energetic and metaphysical healing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga therapy, and disciplines in meditation. I have always embraced continuous inner growth, self-knowledge, connecting to the Divinity of Inner Knowing. Even in my high school, college, and corporate career years, I knew that I was placed on earth for a “different” purpose that would entail a “path less traveled.” I often refer to this as a path of nonconformity. Sound/Look/Feel familiar?

I can hardly believe I have been in the deep neuro-transformational and leadership coaching field for three decades. I am dating myself to share that I was among the first of a handful of coaches to complete the first 8 month coaching institute training and International ICF certification representing the state of Minnesota. 

The personal professional coaching field has evolved from a poorly understood career choice to an accelerating and increasingly standardized and recognized profession. What began as educated professionals from a variety of industries branching out to help others improve their quality of life and work is now a well-known branch of the human development and personal growth/mental health field. The field of professional coaching is now well established, and a continuously evolving three-decades-old discipline that is focused on evidence-based techniques, methodologies, and standardizing credentials needed to practice as a fully competent and skillful coach and catalyst for deep change and self-empowered, purposefully conscious living.

Nina Roberts Salveson is a Soul Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Transformation and Ayurveda-Yoga Meditation Teacher for living boldly embodied. Nina is also an outdoor sacred space artist, writer, and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Florida Keys. Nina’s coaching, teaching, and guidance introduce compassion, new perspectives on love, and uses intuition, lightness and pathos to explore the inner radiance and brilliance of the Divinely Embodied Soul while Being Human. 
You can learn more about Nina by visiting her websites, and

13 Life Lessons I have Learned over 25 years as a dedicated Soul Life & Leadership Coach
  1. Deliver quality service as a way of BEING. It’s all about how you show up. ALL that precedes you and also surrounds your service: how you articulate your service, the “sacred container” you create and hold for your service, your attitude, your consciousness, and capacity to hold it all in a space of faith, love, compassion, and knowing that this work – your service – all of this IS your Soul Mission during this life experience. 
  2. Keep moving forward, whether you feel like it or not. Those who do ONE thing a day to move their work, further along, make things happen. Take pictures of everything that inspires you. Live an inspired life. Take one small step every day. 
  3. Reach out to others. Make new friends. Acknowledge their service. Celebrate them. 
  4. Being a catalyst of personal development and Inner-empowerment may be your soul mission. And don’t forget this is also a solopreneurial business.
  5. Understand that “your service is your work is your art.” Just as art is subjective and an individual might not resonate with your kind of service – your art –  isn’t important. It is not rejection or judgment of you or your work, your art, or your service. It doesn’t mean that everyone feels that way. There are billions of humans on the planet, and the perfectly abundant number of humans who desire what you are here to provide, in loving service, are waiting for you. 
  6. See the big picture. Understand what problem you solve, focus and hone in on where your art, your craft, and your service fits in the sphere of awakened, personal growth, inner transformation field of coaching, teaching, and experiential development. Own it. 
  7. You and your world, the way you think, perceive, and the things that interest and enliven you are the most unique subjects you can bring to serving another. Share your story. 
  8. Thank everyone you can think of. Know that it’s not all about you.  Be grateful and generous. Genuine goodwill and gratitude go a long way. 
  9. Continuously witness and observe: Are you embracing the skills that connect you, foster connection, and change lives? Are you operating from your conditioned self or your holy, higher self?
  10. Embody your feminine traits like compassion, curiosity, and collaboration to make an impact in your family, organizations, our communities, and the world. Shift from the masculine to a balance with the feminine. Shifting from command and control to collaboration. From forcing to allowing. From blaming to questioning. From criticizing to developing. From judgment to love. From talking to listening. From telling to appreciative inquiry and questions. 
  11. Know what energizes you and what drains you. Pursue what gives you energy and meaning.
  12. Embrace your Inner Feminine Leader; fostering diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion. It is safe to make mistakes, ask for help, and learn new skills. 
  13. In a propaganda-media-driven cancel-culture that is attempting to further condition people to be afraid to be themselves, we need more of us to collectively speak up for truth and alternative ways of seeing, perceiving, and being human. Be informed, know where you stand, and take a stand for that. 

Being Human means being real, daring to be vulnerable, and courageous. Sure, we make mistakes as we learn and grow and model the way for others. This is the essence of BEING HUMAN. Being bold enough to be yourself, and in doing so, paving the path for others to step into their boldness. Creating a ripple effect of strong, capable, compassionate Humans. This IS the new human era.

Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being and experiencing life and the world at large. It  is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment  of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning and wounds,, limiting beliefs and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you.  The work is profound and life altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you.  I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.

Awakening BEING HUMAN Personal Transformation

Understanding and Trusting Masculine & Feminine Energy

Do you understand and trust your own masculine and feminine energy? 

Are you willing to have both of these energies (and more…) in your own body, and to help you to run your life, body and business with ease?

What is Masculine and Feminine energies?

First off, let’s give a quick and dirty teaching about what I mean by Masculine and Feminine energies…and the caveat to that is that energy is NOT actually gendered.

When I talk about Masculine and Feminine energies, what I am referring to is how the energy moves and the flavor of it. And it makes it a lot simpler to my mind to say Masculine and Feminine.

Masculine Energy = Directive. Single Focused. Penetrative. Linear. Like an arrow shooting forward. Action. Yang/Shiva/Sun.

Feminine Energy = Expansive. Creative. Multi-dimensional. Supportive. Chaotic. Receptive. It moves out, up, around, growing, flowing. Like a river or ocean. Pure potential. Formless. Provides an inner compass. Directional. Non-action. Yin/Shakti/Moon.

Usually women leaders, even ones who teach feminine arts, are more prone to letting the masculine energy lead. Because it takes a lot of directive actions to create a business (or even to think of starting one!) If you are a leader, you probably didn’t wait around hoping someone would do it for you. You dove in and did it.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, think about all of the times that you were single focused, and checking off boxes to get things done. That is the masculine energy at work.

Feminine energy is creative chaos. It is a desire. It is the formless potential, unknown and the knowing all wrapped up in one. Because the feminine is so expansive, it includes everything. It is the essence of intuition, insight and perceptivity that eventually becomes the inner compass that points the way in the right direction. 

The New Era is calling for a fusion and convergence of the feminine and masculine energies so that we can find new solutions to big problems and issues that cannot be addressed by just the masculine or feminine alone. To have impact in the world as a leader, it is necessary now, more than ever, to develop and balance these energies within yourself. And to be able to access each of these energies with the power of your choice is true mastery in Being Human.

What would the world be like if each of us had access to whatever energy is required right now, with no fear, no hesitation, and no limitations?

Would you like some support for you on this topic?

Awakening BEING HUMAN Coaching Evolution Personal Transformation

Spiritual Awakening as a Transformative Experience

The mission of Being Human Life is to support, coach and guide individuals who are experiencing what is commonly referred to as a spiritual awakening. The mission of the Entelechy Institute is to train coaches, therapists, spiritual guides and ministers to support individuals who have experienced realities beyond our 3D reality, and who need assistance to integrate these experiences into their lives.

What are Spiritually Transformative Experiences?

As we shift into the New Era of what is called the Aquarian age, amidst vast societal and cultural change, breakdown of old paradigms and belief systems, millions of people are experiencing spiritually transformative “awakening” experiences. You may have a different name for the experience,  such as: out of body experiences, mystical experiences, or near death experiences. Maybe you’ve had an experience of talking with angels to God, to Jesus, or to people you know who have passed away. Maybe you’ve seen apparitions, been in a profound altered state of consciousness. Maybe you’ve had visions, energy experiences sometimes called Kundalini awakenings, or something else that was outside normal 3D reality. Maybe, you have shifted into a place of doldrums about life and the world you see around you. This disillusionment is leading you into a more reflective space within that has you asking “WHO AM I?, WHY AM I HERE? WHAT IS REAL? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE FOR BEING ALIVE?  The experience of synchronicities, of wonder, of awe, of beauty, of oneness and deeply existential questions all can be spiritually transformative experiences

These experiences can happen at anytime to anyone: in the dentist’s chair, during sleep, walking in nature, during an illness, pre-death, near-death, making love, reading a book, and just about any moment, mostly when least expected.

Most spiritually transformative “awakening” experiences  are naturally occurring and spontaneous.  Individuals who practice meditation can induce these states as well.  I have experienced several of these spontaneous experiences while backpacking in the natural world. As children, some of us experienced the presence of an invisible friend that we could see but other people couldn’t. Children often have non-ordinary experiences, and have learned that it isn’t always safe to talk about such things.

There is a continuum of experiences from low impact on our psychies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities, to high impact, which may require a whole new orientation to the way we perceive the world. The integration and reorganization of one’s reality may take just a small readjustment. For others, it may take a lifetime to assimilate, integrate and to find compassionate presence with themselves and others, as reality continually reveals its vast potential for expression.

Spiritual Awakening Experiences (SAE) are Mostly Positive and Transformative with Support

Often, people who have SAE’s do not experience comfort or support from family and friends. They feel isolated from their partners, their community and even their children. Getting labeled and ostracized leads to the dismantling of relationships. SAE’s are normal phenomena within our reality as human beings. Because most of us do not reveal our experiences for fear of being invalidated and rejected, we keep them to ourselves, sometimes denying that they ever happened in the first place.

Transformational Life Coaches are uniquely trained and skilled to provide the deep listening, intuitive ability to interpret and understand what the client has experienced. The role of the Transformational Coach is to listen and hear them without judgment and without fear of retribution, rejection, and without shame and guilt.  Life, Leadership and transactional coaches and practitioners need to educate themselves on the fundamental challenges that an awakening experience produces. Beyond that, the coach is privileged and blessed with the honor of witnessing and guiding their client through a most intimate, personal and life-giving process of BECOMING at one and integrated with themselves. Professional Coaches, therapists and practitioners must have the sensitivity, capacity, heart-mind-skillset to effectively work with their clients and have to assess their own ability to work with the Amazing Souls who are experiencing the vastly profound Awakening experiences that are opening a doorway to deeply personal growth and transformation.

Awakening BEING HUMAN Coaching Entelechy Institute Personal Transformation

Simple Practices in Intuition

So often my clients ask me, “How can I really tune into my intuition?” There are so many ways we can integrate our intuition into our daily life and discover the magic in even the most simplest of tasks.  Ultimately you are aiming to live a life with Spirit as your trusted advisor in all areas.

Oh no I hear you say! Another set of tips I have to try and remember! It’s not like that I promise! It will not take extra time out of your day to practise these tips as you are already doing these intuitive things nearly every single day.

All we are going to do is take an extra breath or two, before we focus on what we are already doing, and make a conscious note of any feeling, name or message that comes to mind.

Increase Your Intuition With These 7 Tips

  1. How often do you forget your carefully written shopping list? No problem. Instead of trying to remember what is on your list, use it as an opportunity to follow your intuition with what was on your list. See in your third eye your list as if it is in your hand. Over time you will get better and better.
  2. Before you arrive at your destination, see yourself getting the perfect park. Do not see anyone leaving it only that it is free for you.
  3. Before opening a text or answering a phone call, allow yourself to intuitively ‘see’ who it is. Confirm out loud “I had a feeling it was you”.
  4. Repeat Tip 3 but in reverse before you call or text someone. Think about them for a moment. They will likely say “I was just thinking of you and you called.”
  5. Try to intuitively predict the outcome of T.V. shows and movies you are watching, or books you are reading.
  6. Before leaving home, imagine your journey being clear, you get all green lights and arrive safely and on time at your destination. Remember when you arrive to give thanks.
  7. Play code cracking games or guessing games such as battleships with someone, and practise tuning in before each turn. You can progress to blocking your opponent and tuning in depending on whose turn it is.

Tune in to Spirit for Guidance in the Small as well as Big Stuff

We often think Spirit is only there for the big stuff… love, career, finances and so on. We can become locked into only seeing the patterns in the big things and we often miss that Spirit is a part of everything, even the mundane tasks we do every day. Be present, stay open. Breathe. Look up often. Seek new and fresh perspectives. Ask for guidance and be curious and in wonder about the ways in which your requests are answered!

Crawl, Walk, then Run

The phrase…”crawl, then learn to walk before you can run” is important here, because it is when we begin to listen to our intuition each day on the little things i.e. the car park in number 2, or the heads up in number 6 to go a different way, that we find the meaning in “trusting Spirit.”

It’s when we talk to Spirit at the “daily little things” level and give thanks, that we can see the synchronicity and patterns in all that we do. This is what builds trust between you and Spirit. It is this trusting relationship you develop through talking with Spirit daily, that helps you have faith during truly challenging times. An example that I use often involves misplacing my keys or phone. I search and then when I don’t find it, I ask Spirit Guides and Angel Jophiel, please lead me to my keys. If I am open, breathing and patient, I allow guidance. It works – every single time, concluding with a thought that I had no idea how the keys or phone would have been left in the place to which I was “led.”

Communicate with Spirit Daily

No matter how big or small your issue is! To see Spirit’s gentle messages and patterns in the life changing moments, can only happen if you are aware of how to read, communicate and trust Spirit daily. Trust is something that comes from a relationship being built, based upon practicing asking, presence, listening, watching and patience. Take the time and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in this way. In doing so, you will be led by Spirit to discover other gifts and abilities within yourself that you never thought possible.

Awakening BEING HUMAN Evolution Personal Transformation

The Being of Earth and Humans in the Morphogenic Field

The New Era is coaxing humanity to recognize the parallels between Earth and the human system. Both are interconnected and tap into one common system that is the morphogenic system. Both Earth and humans consist of 4 energetic vibrational systems that we call bodies. Both have physical systems that consist of the physical, etheric and astral bodies: an emotional body; a mental or causal body; and a spiritual body. The function and interaction of these four bodies depend on the level of consciousness and awareness from which one functions. We all share life with the planet Earth. 

Morphogenic or Morphogenetic fields are fields of thought created by everything in existence; it is the input and output of creation.  With every thought and action (or non-action) every individual strengthens one of those fields of thought that exist or with the focus of enough minds, creates a new one.  You’ve heard of mass consciousness?  This is a morphogenic field.  Global fear, judgement, peace and love are also morphogenic fields in existence, waxing and waning with every individual thought.

The morphogenic field is one of the most important and least understood factors of influence within our society and our global culture.  It is a field of energy containing a certain frequency or resonance, created by all living species that are both visible and invisible on planet Earth.  All living species, human beings, animals and plants have a consciousness and therefore an emotional field.  Emotion and the energy connected to it is one of the most powerful forces of creation in existence.  If you had the ability to encourage a large number of people to think and act in similar ways, a morphogenic field could be created.  Have you heard of the ‘Hundredth Monkey” syndrome?  This is the type of effect a morphogenic field can have within a group.  With enough input, the field itself creates a ripple effect that others knowingly or unknowingly, are able to tap into.  If all people thought and acted in the same way, this would create a field of similarity for everyone.  There are several active groups and organizations currently encouraging peace meditations and global awareness and they have the possibility of reaching a critical mass through a morphogenic field, creating a rippling effect and potentially propelling humanity into a peaceful awareness.

I believe having an awareness of those unseen forces (morphogenic fields) surrounding and influencing us can lead to the choice to make conscious decisions outside of those fields.  Dr. Hawkin’s writing is an extension of the work of Rupert Sheldrake, who is famous as one of the world’s most innovative biologists.  Sheldrake revolutionized scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory or morphogenic field. 

Individually and collectively we constantly feed the Universe with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them.  Accessing fields of consciousness, or morphogenic fields is as simple as resonance.  For example, if you carry a high level of resonance for peace, the chances are that you will access peace easier and draw to you peaceful experiences.  Likewise, if you have a high level of resonance for fear, the chances are equally good that you will find yourself tapping into more fear from that field and drawing validating and fearful experiences into your life.

If you have conscious awareness, you can keep yourself clear enough to be less influenced by negative morphogenic fields and choose to shift resonance to access fields that support your choices of higher awareness.