Being Human Life

Being Human Life(and the Entelechy Institute) is dedicated to coaching, teaching and developing the personally awakened human who is ready for more depth and meaning in life. This is achieved through a guided immersive journey of inner recollection, discovery, expansion of consciousness, transformation and metamorphosis. We work with people who are ready to become more fully and wholly Human, purposeful, spiritually and emotionally intelligent, and self-expressed based upon authentic values, awareness, confidence and self-worth.

Serving personal and collective transformation is the reason that Being Human Life exists. By guiding others to their deepest truth and inner “entelechy” (potential and authentic essence), more purposeful, fulfilling and joyful lives naturally follow. In this way a new world era continues to emerge; a world built upon the truth of our inter-being and arising from our realized love, unity and self-empowered capacity to take more risk, with boldness and courage. In this way we are developing bold, brave and dynamic leaders who have the capacity to reach for something big and beautiful.

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Being Human Life is dedicated to your growth and evolution toward becoming the most fulfilled self-expressed and empowered human you can be. We know the world needs more risk takers, truth seekers and status quo resisters. We invite all awakened humans who are ready to dive into the deeper exploration of Being Human. We know that the humans who are drawn to this work are teachers, healers, coaches and leaders who want to be the course changers, way showers and path makers for new paradigms in the new era. Our services, programs, immersions and trainings are steeped in developing learning, growth and evolution (LGE) communities that empower people to learn to be the change that they not only want to see in their own lives, but also in the community and the world.

The Being Human Life coaching and personal professional training and development model entails Transformational, Transmutation and Metamorphosis (TTM), touching on the fields of positive and transpersonal psychology, spiritual development, quantum energetics, consciousness, neuroscience, counseling, sociology, and of course, coaching. It is this broad base of knowledge that allows a deeper dive with a client and that results in amazing results.

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