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You are a Diamond on the Sphere of the Universe

December 2021 Blog | Intentional Living | Transformational Presence | Life on Purpose | Being Human 

We are Each Diamonds on the Sphere of the Universe

You are a shiny, bright diamond. We each are diamonds. As Coldplay’s song Adventure of a Lifetime proclaims, “Turn your magic on…, Everything you want’s a dream away…, We are the legends everyday…, We are diamonds.”  Our interconnectedness makes us energetically multidimensional and multifaceted beings of pure potential. We offer a one-of-a-kind beauty and brilliance just waiting to shine through with the right amount of pressure and polishing. What we don’t often realize is how this beauty and brilliance makes us incredibly valuable in the world around us, but we devalue and undermine the unique perspectives and gifts that we can offer, so we keep this uniqueness hidden in order to better align with the conditioning and narratives that prevail in the media and world around us.

The challenge with settling or playing it safe is twofold: First, you certainly do not benefit on any level- personally or professionally. Inertia and boredom often leads to discontent, especially if there is a desire for more in life. The second is that the world around you misses out on the brilliant person that can make a positive impact.

Do you want to be hidden and tucked away or seen and brilliant?
What is one amazing and unique perspective can your cultural brilliance bring to the world around you?

The Law of Pure Potentiality states that in our essential state, we are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence. Being infinite and unbounded, it is also pure joy. Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss. This is our essential nature. Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality.

So what does this mean?  Essential to true success in the New Human Era is understanding who we are at our core and realizing  too who others are.  The Law of Pure Potentiality means that once we understand that we are children of God then our potential becomes limitless.  When you are in alignment with pure potentiality, there is no fear. You are then truly free.

How do we utilize the Law of Pure Potentiality?

  1. Silence.  The Spirit speaks to us when we are quiet.   The Spirit teaches us who we are.  Knowing who we are brings joy and peace and love for self.

2. Prayer and meditation.  Prayer is a conversation with Spirit, Source, Higher Power, God, Mother/Father, Creator (whatever your context).

 Meditation is silence with a purpose.  Meditating with a particular question in mind allows single-pointed focus and presence to inform and enlighten your understanding.  Enlightenment brings joy and peace.

Understanding our potential naturally brings an understanding of others potentiality.  When we see ourselves for who we really are it’s only natural that we begin to see others for who they really are.  Knowing that they are a son or daughter of God makes it impossible to feel anything but love for them.  Because of our love for them we no longer judge them.

Once we love ourselves, love others, and recognize our potential, the feelings that are naturally manifest activate the Law of Attraction and our potential for success is limitless.

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BEING HUMAN Entelechy/True Nature Life School Personal Transformation

How Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?

November 2021 Blog | Intentional Living | Transformational Presence | Life on Purpose | Being Human 

Since my awakening, healing, and spiritual journey that started following my parents’ passing in my very young, fledgling adulthood, I discovered that the process of knowing and trusting one’s life purpose requires moving beyond the resistance into a willingness to explore the unknown and unfamiliar. This means creating an abundance of self-reflection, solitude, listening to others, paying attention to intuitive nudges, and acknowledging passions, talents, and what captures one’s attention. I realized that this kick-started my discovery of my purpose that would fuel my happiness and meaning in my life.

Where are you in your process of tapping into your life on purpose?

“What do you desire? What makes you itch?”

~ Alan Watts  (listen to his full talk on purpose)

As a seasoned transformational depth coach and deep systems change agent over three decades and thousands of private, group, and community client engagements, I know that happiness and meaningfulness overlap. Alone, happiness is linked to being on the receiving end, while meaningfulness is linked to being on the giving end of altruistic choices and behavior. When happiness and meaningfulness become fused, there is a great receiving and fulfillment that is derived from being altruistic and giving. In the giving there is impact and seeing another light up, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation, is the ultimate gift in giving to others.

Discovering one’s purpose requires patience and trust in owning what lights us up. It takes courage to then forge the path to then weaving our purpose into how we show up in our lives. My purpose involves women empowering women. Humans Being Humanely Human and on purpose. Helping parents nurture their teens and young adult children into adulting in an uncertain world. Creating and leading wilderness transformational retreats in beautiful natural spaces. These are all the themes that pulse through, within, and from my heart. I have rediscovered and renewed my unwavering commitment to my core life purpose – assisting others who are ready to tap into their power, purpose, and most authentic potential expressed through being in presence, living on purpose, and in service.

Over these last few years of profound change and transformative infusions of energy, insight, and reflection, I have come to understand the difference to be “On Purpose”.

So what does it mean to live a life “On Purpose?”  The foundation of living this way of life is authenticity. My definition of authenticity means that I do not sell myself short of what I believe and know who I am to please someone and seek their approval. I say what it is there for me to say at that moment, or when I realize that it is there for me to speak with care, compassion, without becoming reactive, defensive, or blaming. 

In a late October five-day retreat led with my dear friend and colleague Michele Rae, we explored deep listening, witnessing another, and the power of authentic conversation. We practiced being and leaning into the “sacred standards of presence,” speaking truthfully and remaining firmly rooted in compassion and deep listening, on purpose even during more difficult conversations spurred by triggers or themes arising for healing. 

To be “On Purpose” means that each action taken or not taken was done or not done with meaning. Not just to check a box or gain praise from others. A life “On Purpose” truly means that each day I am connected to the realization that it could be my last.

When I become present to this I now possess the power to touch, move, and inspire individuals that I come in contact with through my authenticity and fully being with them. Throughout this year of personal expansion, I’m learning more about the power of liminal space—the importance of staying present and working with the “space in between” (then and the near now) or the “waiting time” between what once was and the emerging unknown, unclear future instead of fighting against it. I feel like I’m learning something more about the partnership of transformational presence, flow, and being while in action—sensing when it’s time to pause and observe, and when it’s time to move in the dance between nothing, formlessness, and everything. And sensing how essential it feels to remain incredibly present while in action toward what is clearly emerging as the New Human Era.

Expanding within Liminal Space Link to Audio

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Some of Alan Watt’s famous works are:

The Book

The Way of Zen

Become What You Are

The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety

BEING HUMAN Entelechy/True Nature Life School Personal Transformation

Transformation Through Spiritual Awakening Is About More Than Healing – It Is About Purposefully Evolving Into Your Best Self

Are you……

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? Ready to truly transform and reinvent your life to align with your Heart and Soul Call?

In my own experience, as well as assisting hundreds of other beautiful human beings through their spiritual awakening journey, I have learned that this process is one of unlearning, unraveling, reimagining, and allowing a newly expanded and refined way of authentically being human. Since we are multidimensional, energetic beings with a mind, body, spirit, and soul, it is important to access support in these key aspects of the transformational journey in spiritual awakening.

1. Tap into your soul and listen to your inner guidance. The awakening process fosters presence, mindfulness, and intuitive insight. 

2. Detach from the grip of judgment and comparison as you relearn to trust your instinct and higher intuitive mind so that you can allow your conscious mind to know that it is safe to give up control and come along for the adventure. Release roles of being a victim, supported through the healing process. 

3. Allow your body to move in the direction your soul is guiding you. Transformation through Spiritual Awakening fosters a re-embodiment of the energetic body, meaning that our body also holds intelligence, insight, and deeper wisdom. Being centered and grounded in our physical bodies helps us become congruent and aligned  in the human experience of our “3-Part Being” (body, mind, soul/spirit)

Spiritual Awakening – Speak and Live from Your Soul

When I look at the times in my life when I’ve transformed through my life experiences, they came through a spiritual awakening process. Some of these events were painful and turbulent, others moved with grace, quickness, and ease. The ones that were more challenging occurred early in my life when the unraveling, unwinding began, and my primary focus was healing my energetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Tools and Resources to Assist You in Your Transformational Spiritual Awakening

Seek Support

There is no “right or wrong way” to experience your spiritual awakening events, which are often triggered by a major life event, loss, or jarring life experience. The key is recognizing what may be happening and seeking support with a qualified coach and spiritual guide who can assist you in navigating the process.

Immerse in Nature

Everything in Nature is energetic consciousness with a very high frequency. The ecosystem of Nature innately “knows” that everything is interconnected, and we humans are energetically connected to all of creation. The elements of earth are the elements of creation – earth, water, fire, air, and aether- and the seven directions – north, south, east, west, above, below, and within…, are all unified in an interconnected whole. Mother Earth holds a very high vibration for your spiritual awakening. Every day I invest around an hour or more per day in nature. I may do a quick nature walk or go outside of my home and marvel at the incredible gifts of the earth and cosmos.

Read about Spirituality

I love to read and study spiritual books. Mostly channeled books bring me the most joy to read and awaken my soul. Go to a new or used book seller and review the books in the spirituality and philosophy sections. Let your intuition guide you as you browse. Or, ask a coach for some books to consider. One of my all-time favorite books that supported me throughout the years has been The Seat of the Soul original and updated editions, by Gary Zukav. Neale Donald Walsch’s channeled books and audios teach that we are the wisdom, love and truth that any moment will ever need to be healed and to participate in the evolution of the human species. 

I believe that there is a high vibrational 5th, 6th, or even 7th-dimensional energy story in the words of channeled books that can unlock the wisdom within ourselves. If you love to read, then a book may best resonate with your learning style. If you prefer to listen, you can always choose to listen to an audio book instead.

Explore Music and Healing Sound

Spiritual beings are soulful beings. When we become spiritually awakened we evolve to acknowledge and embrace the existence of our consciousness. Music speaks to the consciousness and thoughtfully selected music carries an energetic frequency that seems to begin where words leave off. Soulful songs, to name only a few, include Imagine by John Lennon, In My Secret Life by Leonard Cohen, They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson and Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Spiritual Meditation Music, Reiki Music, Solfeggio music, and sound healing music found on YouTube or Spotify, are wonderful resources for music. The one thing about music, according to Bob Marley, is that “when the music hits you, the pain goes away,” or it brings the emotion to the surface through tears so that healing occurs.

Expand Consciousness through Movies

Movies are a projection of a world that we choose to indulge in for a specified amount of time, offering the possibility of shifting our perception of space and time, and for a period of time, consider and reflect on the message and content being presented to us. Certain movies can satisfy our yearning and hunger for a deeper understanding, insight, and some form of truth. A movie, when seen through the eyes of a spiritually awakened person can be perceived as a spiritually awakening one. Some movies offer access to Universal truth that may provide an answer to a specific question. A few of my suggested favorites include Ghost, Origins, The Whale Rider, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, Midnight in Paris, and the documentary Heal. These are only a few.

Discover the Power of Crystals

Crystals help us clear stuck energies and me to raise our energetic vibration, or frequency,  that helps us reach new levels of conscious awareness. They are also powerful for clearing blocks or negative energy.

Join and Engage in Community

Belonging to a community with like-minded, open-hearted people sharing a spiritual path can be a wonderful support when the time feels right. Being Human Life offers a variety of ways to connect with a loving, caring, and supportive community, virtually and live. Scroll down for this month’s virtual Conversations in the Upper Room Gathering and FALL INTO AUTUMN Womens’ Retreat on October 24-28th in gorgeous Lanesboro, MN.

Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace, and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts, or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being, and experiencing life and the world at large. It is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning, and wounds, limiting beliefs, and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you. The work is profound and life-altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you. I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.

BEING HUMAN Entelechy/True Nature Life School Personal Transformation

Are you a Coach, a Catalyst for Healing, Transformation and Personal Human Development?

This month’s blog focuses on sharing 13 Life Lessons I have learned over 3 decades serving others as a dedicated Soul, Life, Purpose  & Leadership Coach and Metaphysical Empowerment Catalyst

I entered the coaching industry in it’s fledgling decade of the 1990s. To be exact, I completed two intensive years of residential spiritual and transpersonal coaching training and launched my coaching business in 1995. I soon went on to complete a master’s degree in self-generative human resiliency and development and advanced doctorate-level studies in energetic and metaphysical healing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga therapy, and disciplines in meditation. I have always embraced continuous inner growth, self-knowledge, connecting to the Divinity of Inner Knowing. Even in my high school, college, and corporate career years, I knew that I was placed on earth for a “different” purpose that would entail a “path less traveled.” I often refer to this as a path of nonconformity. Sound/Look/Feel familiar?

I can hardly believe I have been in the deep neuro-transformational and leadership coaching field for three decades. I am dating myself to share that I was among the first of a handful of coaches to complete the first 8 month coaching institute training and International ICF certification representing the state of Minnesota. 

The personal professional coaching field has evolved from a poorly understood career choice to an accelerating and increasingly standardized and recognized profession. What began as educated professionals from a variety of industries branching out to help others improve their quality of life and work is now a well-known branch of the human development and personal growth/mental health field. The field of professional coaching is now well established, and a continuously evolving three-decades-old discipline that is focused on evidence-based techniques, methodologies, and standardizing credentials needed to practice as a fully competent and skillful coach and catalyst for deep change and self-empowered, purposefully conscious living.

Nina Roberts Salveson is a Soul Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Transformation and Ayurveda-Yoga Meditation Teacher for living boldly embodied. Nina is also an outdoor sacred space artist, writer, and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Florida Keys. Nina’s coaching, teaching, and guidance introduce compassion, new perspectives on love, and uses intuition, lightness and pathos to explore the inner radiance and brilliance of the Divinely Embodied Soul while Being Human. 
You can learn more about Nina by visiting her websites, and

13 Life Lessons I have Learned over 25 years as a dedicated Soul Life & Leadership Coach
  1. Deliver quality service as a way of BEING. It’s all about how you show up. ALL that precedes you and also surrounds your service: how you articulate your service, the “sacred container” you create and hold for your service, your attitude, your consciousness, and capacity to hold it all in a space of faith, love, compassion, and knowing that this work – your service – all of this IS your Soul Mission during this life experience. 
  2. Keep moving forward, whether you feel like it or not. Those who do ONE thing a day to move their work, further along, make things happen. Take pictures of everything that inspires you. Live an inspired life. Take one small step every day. 
  3. Reach out to others. Make new friends. Acknowledge their service. Celebrate them. 
  4. Being a catalyst of personal development and Inner-empowerment may be your soul mission. And don’t forget this is also a solopreneurial business.
  5. Understand that “your service is your work is your art.” Just as art is subjective and an individual might not resonate with your kind of service – your art –  isn’t important. It is not rejection or judgment of you or your work, your art, or your service. It doesn’t mean that everyone feels that way. There are billions of humans on the planet, and the perfectly abundant number of humans who desire what you are here to provide, in loving service, are waiting for you. 
  6. See the big picture. Understand what problem you solve, focus and hone in on where your art, your craft, and your service fits in the sphere of awakened, personal growth, inner transformation field of coaching, teaching, and experiential development. Own it. 
  7. You and your world, the way you think, perceive, and the things that interest and enliven you are the most unique subjects you can bring to serving another. Share your story. 
  8. Thank everyone you can think of. Know that it’s not all about you.  Be grateful and generous. Genuine goodwill and gratitude go a long way. 
  9. Continuously witness and observe: Are you embracing the skills that connect you, foster connection, and change lives? Are you operating from your conditioned self or your holy, higher self?
  10. Embody your feminine traits like compassion, curiosity, and collaboration to make an impact in your family, organizations, our communities, and the world. Shift from the masculine to a balance with the feminine. Shifting from command and control to collaboration. From forcing to allowing. From blaming to questioning. From criticizing to developing. From judgment to love. From talking to listening. From telling to appreciative inquiry and questions. 
  11. Know what energizes you and what drains you. Pursue what gives you energy and meaning.
  12. Embrace your Inner Feminine Leader; fostering diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion. It is safe to make mistakes, ask for help, and learn new skills. 
  13. In a propaganda-media-driven cancel-culture that is attempting to further condition people to be afraid to be themselves, we need more of us to collectively speak up for truth and alternative ways of seeing, perceiving, and being human. Be informed, know where you stand, and take a stand for that. 

Being Human means being real, daring to be vulnerable, and courageous. Sure, we make mistakes as we learn and grow and model the way for others. This is the essence of BEING HUMAN. Being bold enough to be yourself, and in doing so, paving the path for others to step into their boldness. Creating a ripple effect of strong, capable, compassionate Humans. This IS the new human era.

Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being and experiencing life and the world at large. It  is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment  of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning and wounds,, limiting beliefs and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you.  The work is profound and life altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you.  I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.

consciousness Energy Practices mindfulness self-empowerment

Receiving the Magical Gifts of Spring

Top Left to Right: Wild Ginger, Bloodroot, Glory Red Tulips
Second Row Left to Right: Merry Bells, Daly, Yellow Wood Violets
Bottom Center: Violas

My 4 legged 24/7 companion pup (Daly) and I have just returned from a Sunday afternoon nature hike that restored my Spirit and reminded me, deep in every cell that magic and beauty are one constant in life. 

As we hiked carefully through the woods, I delighted in the abundance of spring gifts and blooms that greeted us with their fresh energy. Wild violets, merry bells, trillium, bloodroot, morel mushrooms, ramps (wild onion), and wild ginger all bursting into the energy field. Birds – so many birds – Canadian geese, snow geese, trumpeter swans, herons, eagles, hawks, osprey, wood ducks, mallard ducks, songbirds were out and about rejoicing in the energies of Spring.

So Many Abundant Gifts of Life!

As we concluded our hike, Daly observed (dogs are the greatest teachers of mindful presence) as I completed a few energy centering stretches and sang my made-up spontaneous gratitude song to thank the Universe, the Earth, and all the Spirit totems in our presence.  

All of these Magical Gifts hold the Energy of Spring

When we bring them into our body through our senses, they become the fuel of gratitude that fills our cells with the gifts of gifted vitality, connection, and life-force. Like the seasons, our collective energy field is constantly changing and shifting. 

Recently, my ENERGY practices gifted me with some clarity about these unexplainable shifts, which I am diving into with this blog. After experiencing the last month’s doozy of a roller coaster, I now understand more fully why the message for April emphasized the need for centering and grounding to guide us through May. 

We are the Micro Within the Macro Cosmic Energy Field

These unexplainable shifts are related to the macro energy field that has settled into our own micro energy field, which can profoundly affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically. This ever-changing macro energy is the Cosmic Energy Field.  

Every moon cycle carries a unique vibration created by the movement of all of the planets within the greater universal energy field that we exist within. Let’s also remember that the earth is also a planet and part of the larger macro field. The earth holds and contains all of our individual and collective energies, and so we experience the earth’s energetic shifts in the patterns of storms, wind, rain, ley line shifts, pressure releases through earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, hurricanes, avalanches, and more. The energetic releases of the planet upon which we dwell are the earth’s way of self-centering while assisting all beings who dwell upon and within the earth.  

We are all Part of and One with the Whole 

These continuously occurring energy shifts affect us powerfully and because we are the micro within the macro. We evolve when we learn to adapt, pivot, and flex continuously within this ever-changing and ever-evolving Cosmic Energy Field.  Sometimes this cosmic energy field feels gooey and gentle, sometimes it feels rough and fierce; some are easy for the human energy field to resonate with and some push our energy fields to our furthest edge. 

For me April was all of that. 

I hope you are able to meet with the magic of Spring this month with even more mindfulness and self-kindness through self-centering. 


Energy Practice: Mindfulness = Breath

Link to Energetic Practice For Self-Centering Meditation Audio Recording

Breath Check-In
To check in with how you are doing energetically and whether you are centered and grounded, check in with yourself.

  • Am I mindful, or am I distracted and frazzled? 
  • Am I breathing? 
  • Am I breathing fully, deeply, and diaphragmatically?
  • Am I holding my breath? 
  • Is my breathing steady, slow, and smooth? 
  • Is my breathing anchoring me in my center? 

Mindfulness is achieved with the energy of our breath. With each mindful breath, we are gifted with vitality, juicy fresh energy, and abundance. Breathing in through our nose, we bring the energy of the breath in through many other places in our energy bodies; our chakras, our aura, the mingmen point, and our kidneys, through the Wellspring of Life acupoint on the foot soles (souls).

Energetic Practice for Self Centering

  1. Standing with feet at hip-distance.
  2. Place one hand on your abdomen with thumb at the navel center and your other hand over your third eye on your forehead.
  3. Inhale slowly through the nose, pause at the top of the inhale, s l o w l y exhale through the mouth. Repeat 3 times. 
  4. Next, inhale through the nose slowly, pause at the top of the inhale, s l o w l y exhale through the nose, allowing that energy to fill your cells, body, mind, heart space, whole being. Imagine this abundant energy recharging your cells, body, and being like charging a battery. Receiving the gifts of energy, vitality, and abundance. 

Want to discover the magic of mindfulness, self-centering, and meditation or energetic-based practices for embodied freedom? Or perhaps the self-empowerment of neuro-transformational soul coaching? 

Let’s Connect
Energy Healing Ritual Ritual for transformation Self Care

Deep Change Requires Courage To Release the Old and To Envision, Allow and Be in Co-creation of the New

Welcome to Transformation. 

Change is the universal law of nature. Accepting change in our life means letting go of some things so that we can reimagine and welcome something new, different, and better. Deep change that is transformational is a part of the Soul’s journey on Earth. It is a necessary process – often uncomfortable, exciting, sometimes messy and frustrating, other times fascinating and mystical. The universal law of nature encourages and supports accepting those changes that benefit us, society and the nation, planet, and all life. The old gives way to the new.

As Humanity and all life experiences the labor pains of evolution, we are living amidst an intensifying purging process to help us move through this phase of the unfolding Divine Plan. It takes Readiness and Bold Courage to resist denial and avoidance, to shift unconscious survival mechanisms that are no longer necessary, and to make choices that align you with new future potential. It takes Courage to love in its many facets; even receiving pleasure, saying no, standing up for yourself, and honoring your boundaries. Those can be loving actions, even if they feel uncomfortable in the moment. That is the energy of transformation.

  • Where are you being courageous in your life to heal, release or let go in your life? What are you ready to release now? 
  • What are you saying “So Long” to, releasing from your life?
  • What are you saying “Welcome In” to your life?

The more we release that which no longer works (because we have outgrown, evolved to new awareness, or we feel controlled, oppressed, or suppressed, or we are stuck in the past or fearful of the future), the more space we create for something new and better to enter. 

Could you use some loving support in letting go and releasing, so that you can say “So Long” to the old and “Hello” to the new? 

Free Gift in April!
Click here to receive a beautiful free Ritual EBook, created with love and infused with Holy Fire REIKI
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Receive Your Sensational One-Way Ticket To Freedom

Breakthrough to Freedom With LOVE

When we are in the state of unconditional love, we feel at ease, an inner calm and peace. This is our natural state of Being in our most authentic “core” essence. Love is an experience of “flow”, sometimes called the “zone.” 

This state of being can only occur when we feel safe, trusting, and centered enough that our bodies switch off our automatic “fight, flight, freeze, response.” When we are in ease, love, and flow, everything is possible. 

Love Embodies Honoring Our Divinity, Self-Care and Way of Being with Our Self, Others and the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether

We talk so much about self-love, yet most people wonder what that really means. I believe the term “self-love” is misunderstood and inaccurately infers that love is a feeling that we have about ourselves that reflects the way in which we externalize and limit our definition of human love. I believe our understanding of love is limited and limiting. We are simply not taught about Love in Divine Embodiment. 

Real Love is Infinite, Boundless, and Unconditional; Love is Both a Level and State of Divine Consciousness 

What Then, is Self-Love? 

Self-love reflects a self-regulated state and level of consciousness that is felt and expressed as a calm and peaceful state of mind.  This state of inner and outer equanimity is often referred to as “FLOW.” When we experience this state of flow, we have achieved a state of harmonic convergence as it is a state of body-heart-mind coherence in which time seems to stop, we are not caught up in our thoughts, emotions, self-talk and focused on “getting everything done”. We become a frequency and ‘rise above’ so to speak. This is the vibration that keeps us connected to each other and ‘tuned in’.

If we are in a hologram/matrix/dream/illusionary world, then it makes perfect sense that the external influences, conditioned messages, the industrial media and those few who control and govern the world’s countries, nations and states, want us grounded in matter-based fear. But if we transcend (and we can) this illusion and realize that we are the shape-shifters and the ultimate programmers of our reality, we can shift into the frequency of love and ‘ascend’.

As Lynne McTaggart suggests with her altruistic mass consciousness experiments — when we give freely and from our hearts, we are not only benefiting the target of our well-wishes but we improve the very fabric of our own lives in the process.

Ways to Change the World with  Love

Filter everything through your heart. Ask yourself every second of every day; ‘how can I spread more love?’, ‘how can I transmute this difficult situation into love?’, ‘how can I love and BE with myself more?’ and ‘how can I see my brothers and sisters of the world as extensions of my self?’

Ride that wave of love – everyday – until shift intentionally and mindfully into a brand new human era. Ultimately, we all have the opportunity – and the shared responsibility – to reduce both our own stress levels and therefore the suffering of others, by harnessing the power of love in our daily lives.

How will you bring more love into your Being in your daily Life?

Love Being Human,

Here are a Few Practical Ways to Navigate the Shift with Loving Grace

  • Free Gift this Month: You Are Divine Love Audio Meditation
  • Daily Morning Practice:
    Upon waking, reaching for your phone, and getting up, close your eyes and breathe 3 deep breath cycles. Be present with your breath and thank your body, mind, and Spirit for receiving this give of Prana and for the dawn of another brand new day. Set your intention to do or say at least one KIND thing for another person that day, vowing to “make someone else’s day a little more special and memorable”.
  • Engage in self-care by eating nutritious food, drinking water (a lot) daily, as well as getting adequate rest and sleep
  • Keep your energy levels high with music that uplifts your feelings and state of mind. (I personally love Solfeggio Meditation Music because it keeps me calm and centered.)
    Spirit Tribe Awakening Link: Spirit Tribe Awakening YouTube Channel
  • Read or listen to books, articles, and interviews that inspire you with mind-expanding concepts
    Here are a few of my favorites:
    1. Journey of Souls
    2. Reality Unveiled
    3. Seat of the Soul
    4. Mind to Matter
    5. The Convoluted Universe
    6. The Power of Now
  • Surround yourself with people who honor you with kindness and compassion
  • Adopt a cat or kitten, commit to caring for it for its full life, learn from it and give and receive love from your pet every day
  • Consider creating new boundaries that limit your exposure to anything that triggers you (For me it is political commentary and talking, yelling, damaging, and argumentative rhetoric on the media.)
  • Do anything creative which enthuses you, as this further kindles your inner divine spark (nature, art, dance, writing, movement, mandala coloring, pottery, jewelry or candle making, cooking, etc.)
  • Devote time to being of service to the greater good, be it within your community or on a global scale (volunteer, offer pro bono service, or barter exchange)
  • Do regular practices to align and clear the energy centers of the body, known as chakras, so your intuition is crystal clear, enabling you to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth (breathe, be in nature, meditation, yoga, stretching, body work, Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage, Epsom salt bath)
  • Gather in honoring community to engage in open, depth conversation and to practice honoring presence and mindful listening (Join the Being Human Life RISE Community or any other community that inspires and supports you.) 
  • Finally, if you are experiencing adversity and challenge, start by blessing the situation you are dealing with; this will raise your frequency and enable you to intuit the most ingenious solution to your current dilemma. Affirm the benevolent Universe is orchestrating the birth of your greater self through every interaction and ask to be shown the lesson so you can maintain both an open heart and your trust in the unfolding of the divine plan.
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On Being Human; What is your soul mission and core life purpose?

Living in accordance to your soul mission expresses what you came here to learn and then to apply your expressed service to others in the time that remains in this human experience on earth. 

Try this: 
Inhale and Exhale. What do you experience in your body with reading this statement out loud:

– Inhale and Exhale. Repeat out loud: My Soul Mission is to evolve my Soul during this human experience. 
– Inhale and Exhale. Repeat again: My Soul Mission is to evolve my Soul during this human experience. 
– Inhale. Exhale. Close your eyes and repeat the statement. 

What do you notice? Feel? 
Do you notice any sensation anywhere in your body?

Let’s continue:

If your Soul’s Mission is to Evolve during this life experience as a human in a body, then how do we achieve the mission of Evolving?
Answer: We experience life, all of its lessons, ups and downs, challenges, highs and lows, joys and beauty. All of our experiences serve to learn whatever lessons we are here to learn so that, when the time is right, we can come to know, claim and own our Soul’s Core Life Purpose. To Evolve is to learn what your Soul came to Earth as a human to learn and then to bring this learning to life through loving service to others and to life. 

What exactly, is our Soul’s Core Life Purpose?
Answer: Something like this, but it is on your terms, your truth. Through our experiences, at some point we will likely begin to ask bigger questions, such as:

  • Who AM I? 
  • Why AM I here? 
  • What is Truth?
  • What is Divine Love?
  • What is it I am supposed to Be and Do in the world? This is the key question about Core Life Purpose. 

What if I told you your core life purpose is fulfilled through that which assists you to feel vibrantly alive and with a sense of immeasurable joy or contentment, peace, meaning and fulfillment?  You know that you are aligned with and living your reason for being because your steps become those of bold confidence and your actions reflect that inner empowerment and lights you up inside. 

Many if not most of us want to know our core life purpose, why we are here, and this question often triggers a spiritual awakening. Most human adults experience a life transition on average every ten years, in each decade of life. It is not uncommon to become discontent in a job, a relationship, an activity or role that prompts us to feel doldrums, thinking about what might enhance our level of meaning and fulfillment. Sometimes we experience a life altering or traumatic event, loss, illness or a spontaneous spiritual experience that awakens us to this question, triggering our quest to discover our truth of who we are, why we are here, what is real, what is divine love, what is truth.

Over the 22 years of my coaching practice with thousands of clients, I have been told or asked, “I have all the trappings of success, the money, the stuff, relationship, good friends, family, but why am I so stuck, so unfulfilled?” Another common statement has been, “I keep thinking that changing jobs is the answer, but when I move, I return to the same thought, could anything make me happy?” 

We often deeply contemplate why are we really here in this very strange harsh, and now rapidly changing world. 

There is a great purpose in why we were given life and all of the unique body, gifts, innate talents, mind and humanness that make each of us  the uniquely dynamic person that we are.

Your Core Life Purpose is linked to your Soul Mission. 
It is your highly orchestrated plan that no other human being can fulfill except you. Only you are gifted with this purpose, and with the gifts, essence, and talents that are what support you to fulfill your mission and purpose in ONLY the way that you can! This is what makes you extra special and sincerely blessed in the eyes of God/Divine Source.

Wondering what is your Soul Mission-supported core life purpose? Let’s start with one a few core truths:  TRUTH: You have one.  TRUTH: Your core life purpose is the reason you are here on this Earth school,  having this human experience. TRUTH: Fulfilling soul’s mission through your core life purpose is part of your sacred contract, also called a soul contract. For most humans, seeking it is, in part, what makes you happy and fills you with love, grace and gratitude.  

Think of your soul’s core life purpose like a river that moves forward, and there are many meandering channels, inlets and outlets. Moving forward, finding beauty and selecting the next most available channel when presented, also looking for one step beyond it, is in part, fulfilling your purpose. 

Every action you have taken up until this time is in fulfillment of what that purpose is.

Tapping your soul’s core life purpose is like developing a mission statement for a company that’s been in the business twenty or thirty years already.  It’s usually there in the clues. 

This blog article is about decoding those clues so that you’re able to live in greater alignment with it. 

When you’re in alignment with your purpose, people often celebrate in the peace, contentment and meaning it brings. But sometimes, a person’s purpose is to change a stigma, culturally, so that a greater collective of people are celebrated. Meaning, you won’t always find immediate social buy-in or popular acceptance of your purpose. 

This is why your purpose must be something you come to love because there will always be times when your heart and soul are the main guiding beacons and your conscious mind wants to resist or challenge it. 

Discovering your core life purpose can be found in exploring your gifts, what lights you up, what brings you meaning, and reflects the meaning that you already have and are.

It can sometimes be identified and clarified in working with a skilled intuitive coach, or while experiencing a sojourn deep in nature. For some, it can be revealed through a dream, a memory or even a traumatic event. At times a spontaneous spiritual experience may awaken one’s awareness and recognition of their core life purpose. Regardless of what outside input you have to validate it, it’s important that once you know what it is, you feel it in your heart. This is what will keep you connected to it no matter what is happening on the outside.

The reason you are here on Earth is to discover and uncover the truth and meaning of who you are and what you are here to learn and share in service. 

Download my EGUIDE to honing your Soul’s Core Life Purpose.

Personal Transformation

Transforming our Relationship with Fear; Courage Requires Fear and Cannot be Separated from Love in Action

What is your relationship with fear? 

Examining my own relationship with fear has led me to recognize fear as a powerful force that can either stop me in my tracks or propel me with courage and an open, trusting heart. 

Fear expands with rumination about the “what if” questions that erupt with an imbalanced, overthinking mind.  Many have strengthened the tools of resiliency, anti-fragility, and adaptability to avoid allowing a virus to grow from a ‘Pandemic of Fear’  into a state of shut-down – depression, anxiety, and dis-ease. We have all been there – staring down fear. 

Fear can be disabling and yet there is another route that our inner navigation system can take. This would be the route of an open heart in recognizing that courage requires fear. Courage to do anything implies that we are being stretched to be, try or do something we have not done before. Fear is what we feel when we know we are stretching into our outer edge or outside of our comfort zone. 

What if our relationship to fear could shift us from a state of fear and disempowerment to an open-hearted, trusting state of confidence? 

What if we each adopted a confident, self-assured credo to create a state of mind in which we feel Inner Peace, grounded in our individual, inner Power?  

As confidence comes flows like an energetic river within, a feeling of strength, fearlessness abounds when we tap into and l e a n into it.  

As a woman, business owner, transformational coach, leader, writer, spouse, mother, grandmother, friend, sister living and pivoting in a shifting, changing world, I witness the opportunity to exercise courage on a daily basis. 


Fear & Courage Reframe

The premise of this blog focuses on the interdependence of fear and courage/courage and fear. WHAT?!

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather, requires fear. There is no need to be courageous if we aren’t afraid of something. It has to do with risk and the ability to adapt, flex, and pivot. If we only do that which yields no fear, we are staying in our comfort zone. Stepping out of or just to the outer-most edge of our comfort zone is likely to evoke the jitters, a bit of fear. The question is “AM I going to let it stop me, or AM I going to lean in with courage and “just do it?”

As we zoom through 2020 and face 2021 (already!), we have all been stretched, flexed, forced to pivot, and we did what we had to do. We have all done things that required courage, adaptability, resiliency, and anti-fragility. 

     Being Human Deep Dive Truth:

  • We were Made for these times.
  • We were Created to be courageous.
  • We were made to Stand Up for What Matters. 
  • Fear is the fuel required to drive Courage.
  • Courage cannot be separated from Action.

“Everyone has the opportunity to contribute harmony and beauty by kindness to others and thereby support the human spirit. That which is freely given to life flows back to us because we are equally part of that life. Like ripples on the water, every gift returns to the giver. What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves.”   –David R Hawkins, M.D. PhD

Courage is open-hearted bravery. It is when we feel frightened but still act in a way that aligns with our personal truth. It requires that we tap into our inner strength and our vulnerability.  Courage is not the absence of fear. Courageous people do feel fear, but they are able to manage and overcome their fear so that it does not stop them taking action. 

CALL TO COURAGE; Stepping out of the Illusionary Dream State of Fear

I believe fear is a call to exercise courage.


Here are a few practices and inspirations for practicing courage: 

  1. Check with your body often, and tune your ability to distinguish excitement in the unknown from true danger warnings. (my example: saying yes to trekking the most challenging west coast trail in BC, climbing more than 70 vertical ladders, trekking in mud, sea shelf, log crossings, and numerous kilometers on deep beach sand carrying a 40-pound pack, with the risk of injury and dangerous big animal interactions)
  2. Make a plan to try a thing that scares you a little or makes you a little jittery (my example: re-engineering my business during a pandemic)
  3. Make a plan to try a thing that scares you a lot (my example: leaving a secure job to start a business in a completely different field)
  4. Reach out for support with something that evokes feelings of vulnerability (my example: baring my feelings about my own insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams – hiring my first life coach at age 31)
  5. Volunteer to help someone else with something they find frightening (my example: helping a friend choose treatment)

Where in my life am I already being brave?

How do you develop courage and bravery?

     7 Effective Ways To Boost Your Courage

  • Remind yourself that fear exists to serve as fuel for courage.
  • Expand your comfort zone gradually.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Take a step back and get objective. 
  • Think of how you would support a friend in the same situation.
  • Ask, “Who do I want to become?” instead of, “What do I need to do?”
  • Take action. One small step at a time. 
“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”  –Audre Lorde

Find the Calm in the Chaos; Go Within

We are now in a monumental time of change on our planet, and I’m so grateful to know that we are all in this together. At this stage in my life, I am resolutely settled into my purpose as expressed in my life work. I am devoted to supporting you in creating well being in all areas of your life. I am so honored you are here, and I look forward to co-creating even more blessings together.

If your experience of late has been anything like mine, you might have noticed yourself feeling a little more concerned about the state of the world. We live in challenging times, with political upheaval, economic uncertainty, infrastructure collapse, civil and social justice discord, and environmental distress. And as the pace of change increases toward an uncertain future, many of us succumb to the overwhelm of fear, stress, and anxiety. I know for myself, there are mornings when glancing at the news feed makes me feel like crawling back under the covers. But this is our clarion call for TRANSFORMATION. 

As Harriet Tubman suggested, 

“If you are tired, keep going; if you are scared, keep going; if you are hungry, keep going; if you want to taste freedom, keep going.”

We must find the strength within to somehow, just keep going. One step, one breath at a time, one after another. 

Last month I spoke to a group of industry leaders and facilitated a leadership visioning process for a leadership team based in the U.S. and Canada. The topic was “Finding the Calm Within the Chaos.” 

There is a Backstory 

For years, I experienced a frequent wrestling match with my mind. It was exhausting. My mind spent endless hours thinking, ruminating, concocting storylines and “what if” scenarios. Sound familiar? 

Endlessly streaming thoughts created anxiety, depression and stuckness. Oddly, this relentless thinking machine often failed my capacity to focus, concentrate and reach clear decisions. Again, sound familiar? 

Reaching a breaking point, years later, I concluded in my heart (not in my mind), that this was getting me no-where. I was tired of all the wasted energy and it getting me nowhere. It was like the washing machine getting stuck on the spin cycle. 

There was a glimmer of hope. Somewhere, deep inside beyond my mind, there was a whisper of a voice telling me to learn to quiet down. I read about yoga in a complimentary copy of the Elephant journal. This was waaaay back in 2000. I was inspired by a book written and published by my Aunt, Nancy Roberts, who was among the first female yoga teachers in the USA, trained by Indra Devi in the 1970’s. I read her book. I searched for a yoga school and found Rodney Yee in 2001 out west. I completed a year long yoga teacher training and began to meditate daily. I discovered yoga and the power of the BREATH. And that’s when so much about the mind, the ego, began to make sense to me. As the mental chatter quieted down (one of the many benefits of meditation and classical yoga practice, the fog and the frustration lifted. The anxiety and depression lessened. I began to feel like “myself.” My mind started working properly— day dreaming, being, creating, writing, reading, deepening. The more I meditated, the more the useless mind chatter disappeared. The more peaceful, content and calm I became. Ahhhh, this is what BEING means. 

When I share with clients about my once mentally overactive mind, one of the first questions I get is:

“How can you help me quiet my mind?”

Often the first words to come out of my mouth are “mindfulness and meditation” but there’s actually much more to it than that. Aside from daily meditation, I keep my mind quiet by following these four simple practices.

1. Breath

Breathing is a natural remedy for stress, pain and grief, and can assist in greater clarity. I personally believe that the breath is the portal to greater self awareness, self empowerment, intuition and inner development. Breath awareness fosters mindfulness and a  “felt sense” and becomes a great guide in life. What I am referring to as “felt Sense” is bodily awareness. Infants, babies and children innately experience their “interior sensations” that is the “felt sense” experienced very early in life. The felt sense was named by philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin in 1978, and in his best selling book, “Focusing”, and described as:

Felt sense is not a mental experience but a physical one involving bodily experience. It doesn’t arrive in the form of a thought or words or other separate units, but as a single thought often puzzling as a complex bodily feeling (1981, 32-33). A felt sense is not just there, it forms. Awareness emerges and surfaces by attending inside the body. A felt sense is the body’s sense of a particular situation….it is a body sense of meaning (1981, 10) (2).

An example that comes to mind is a situation where I have said yes, when inside I wanted to say no. Being incongruent in this way leads to a heaviness in my entire torso. My felt experience is a physical experience of lead weight and an anchor in my solar plexus. My felt sense in my body is the message that I am out of integrity with my inner truth and outer commitment. Note to self, say Yes only when I mean yes, and no when I mean no.

2. Personal Observation

There is something about the process of meditation that changes the energy body and the electric circuits in the brain-heart- mind- body that brings us to a state of “coherence.” Here I use my “Hmm…that was different, from a mindful and intentional state of observing.  I practise so that being and remaining present (in the here and now moment) assists in cultivating the inner fine art of observation without judgment. It is like watching the play without being a character in the play.

Now, when I observe a thought that’s not congruent, or it pops up from ego and I notice, observe and smile. “Hmm…that was interesting to observe”.  I use those words as recognition that I’ve observed a thought or internal voice that is not congruent with higher frequency is coming from a place of fear, shadow and judgment.

After a few deep breaths in & a  few slow exhales, I just let the thought float away without judgment. Repeat a few breaths and move on.

3. Practicing self-tenderness and compassion

I’m human. I have flaws. I make mistakes, I sometimes fail and can royally mess up like everyone else. I celebrate success with gratitude. I’m not trying to be perfect. And not beating myself up. I’m just me. Learning, growing, observing, practising, trying, getting dirty in the joys, missteps and messiness of life. I no longer practice self loathing. Sometimes the “if only I would have, should have, could have” wants to creep in. But this serves no purpose. I breathe it out. Let it go. It takes practise. But you will get there! 

Rather than the ego trap of useless self-loathing as a defense mechanism to stay in control, you can experience the peace and freedom of truly being ok with who you are right now.

4. Slowing down

Except for sprinting and playing with my Daly, my dog, or pushing myself to pedal faster in a higher gear on my bike, I really do consciously slow my activities down. Stopping to breathe, deliberately and slowly – not once or twice, but 5-10 or more times. I cut my vegetables slowly or take a little longer than usual to brush my teeth. If I have some sort of “deadline”, I make sure to sit down in silence and be still for a little while before work. It slows me down and calms my energy. 

I once thought that slowing things down, not jamming my life and schedule chock-full was a waste of time. I enjoyed being one of those people who could multitask, and do it all. Until I didn’t. The more I practised meditation and mindfulness, the more I began to appreciate and relish the moment. 

Doing things mindfully exponentially increases my productivity. How? Because the mind stays quiet, calm, focused and precise. It is more creative. More enjoyable.

5. “Switching off” before sleep

And I don’t mean sitting in front of the TV or scrolling through facebook or emails. Watching an episode of the nightly news or CSI isn’t “shutting off”. LOL! This is where I usually do my 2nd meditation of the day. I usually listen to 45-60 minutes of relaxing solfeggio music. Other times, I just sit quietly with a candle with one of my pets next to me for snuggle time. 

Try it. 

Quiet your mind down and see what happens. You may be amazed at just how quickly your life will change.

6 Minutes to Your Power of Breath Meditation


Love Being Human,