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Nina Roberts Salveson began her soul mission and purpose through being in service with others and creating the sacred space for a life altering transformative experience through what was Bold Soul Life. As Nina expanded on her own transformational journey through the years of working with others and experiencing the life-giving effects her practices have with her students, a new level of expression has emerged in the process of evolution and transformation within her practices which has birthed a need for greater impact, co-creation, and expression. Being Human Life is not a new business, but rather, an evolutionary expansion from the services and offerings Nina has always provided in her practice.

As the founder of Bold Soul Life which has now evolved and expanded into Being Human Life, Nina has applied more than two decades of study, application, practice and growth into forming the organization into what it is today. True to living, breathing and being authentic with what we teach, Being Human Life is a creation of community, connectedness and alignment that will continue to evolve and expand as the universe permits it through the transition into the New Era.

Why Coach with Nina

You want to be guided by your own internal guidance system – values, desires, gifts and talents that guide your decision making; you want to have impact in ways that make a difference in your life and lives of others; you want more joy and fulfillment; you want to see more people smiling and coexisting in balance with the earth ad entire ecosystem. What you desire, I desire for you. I exist to support and facilitate your process in becoming your more fully expressed version of you…, being human.

For more than 3 decades I have evolved in consciousness, business and service as a transformational life and leadership coach, catalyst for metaphysical and transpersonal healing and emotional/psychospiritual development.This is just a label, a role and a title.  But the distinctions are revealed in the fact that humans evolve from the inside-out. Doing what we “do” is mostly a process and outcome of who we choose to ‘be.” As I have evolved, so too has the depth of my service, beginning with the creation of Life Rhythms Inc. in 1997, flowing into Enso Yoga, Coaching and Wellness Center in 2005, merging into Bold Soul Life in 2012 and fusing as Being Human Life in 2016.

While these are just references, names and distinctions I have presented to the world, they reflect over 30 years of my inner-to-outer transformation and growth as I have assisted and supported hundreds of beautiful humans on their path to becoming even more radiant, fully expressed in being human.

Being Human Life is not a new business, it is simply a more fully expressed, deeper reveal of my own growth, maturation, and a readiness to lean in, and to face head-on, the new emerging era calling for new narrative, new paradigms supporting BEING HUMAN, community, and leadership.

Expansion Though Collaboration & Co-Creation

Nina and Michele Rae, founder of The Center Within, began a collaborative partnership in the co-creation of the four month Being Human Deep Dive Immersion and the Entelechy Institute.  They both hold advanced degrees and are board certified coaches, instructors and facilitators in the field of Deep change, Transformation, Spiritual and Emotional development and Self Generative leadership.  With decades of collective experience and work with hundreds of individuals, groups and organizations, Nina and Michele have pivoted into the new emerging era.

Humanity is transitioning into a New Era. Leaders, teachers, healers and coaches committed to community during this transformative time on the planet are guided and supported by Nina and Michele’s extensive experience in business, leadership and coaching experience fused with their vision of optimal new systems emerging. They weave cutting edge wisdom from the ever-expanding new mind-body science, as well as the unified quantum field and the  self-organizing, organic intelligence that is energy, into their exclusive one-of-a-kind programs.

Their offerings include online courses, virtual immersions, five-day live immersions and week-long advanced retreats. Nina and Michele have harnessed a new model of transformational processes fostering deep and sustainable change. Their clients, groups and students experience a profound evolving expansion of energy and perspective, optimal alignment of their body-mind to their authentic self and expanded heart intelligence. This frees and enables the creation of a consciously coherent life that is congruent with the awakened soul, mind, body and heart.

Meet the Faculty

Nina Roberts Salveson | Transformational Evolutionary Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Facilitator

Nina Roberts Salveson
Founder / Faculty Lead

Transformational Evolutionary Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Facilitator

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Michele Rae
Faculty Member

Master Transformational Coach

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