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First, welcome to Being Human Life and Entelechy Institute.

We are living in a time of unprecedented change beyond anything that we could ever have imagined. Although there are aspects of challenge, loss and uncertainty, there is also a great gift in this moment.

Earth is ushering the dawn of a New Era. Old stories, narratives and structures no longer work and are falling away.

Humanity is undergoing an epic shift.

Many paths of potential futures are both converging and possible.

The choices we make now will become the creative force that materializes a new collective story for humanity. There is a deep rising of a more beautiful world.

Let’s BE the CHANGE together, because together is the only way to move into the New Era.

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The ethos of Being Human Life and Entelechy Institute is this: we don’t just believe in transformation – we’re leading its evolution. Transformational coaching, sometimes called transformative or transpersonal coaching, is about the expansion and refinement of consciousness from an inner versus outer perspective. We are building and expanding upon a solid foundation of skill, insight and knowledge, but we have not reached the end point. It is continuously evolving and growing in terms of momentum, scope, and presence.

We believe that transformational evolution is the greatest trend in the field of theory and modeling on a global scale. We are experiencing and leading from our own continuous transformation, and have already witnessed the immense benefit it can bring to individuals, groups, leaders and communities.

Transform the future

We’re not there yet. A new future has yet to be created with a new vision than the one that created the old, former era. It needs to be created intentionally, thoughtfully and with a balanced approach that involves visionary insight coupled with listening, contemplation, insight, intuition, compassion and gratitude. Then creative, deliberate and intentional action.

Transformational coaching involves awareness, self investigation, courage, release of old narratives, programs and beliefs and related behaviors. The shift is happening.

Being Human Life-Entelechy Institute’s continuously evolving model of transformational coaching represents a fusion of positive and transpersonal psychology, energy practices, neuroscience and hypnotherapeutic mindfulness methods that are masterfully woven into a facilitative process of self investigation, understanding, release, reintegration and expansion of spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Transformational life coaching IS the future of coaching AND a powerful new world.

In search of a Spiritually-Centered Life, Alligned and Congruent with WHO YOU Most Authentically ARE?

As we shift into the New Era of what is called the Aquarian age, amidst vast societal and cultural change, breakdown of old paradigms and belief systems, billions of people are experiencing spiritually transformative “awakening” experiences.

At Being Human Life and The Entelechy Institute, we understand the process through which people grow, transform, and evolve into more authentic, purposeful, and impactful expressions of their essence and potential. We know how to teach, coach, and guide in a process that fosters personal growth through mental and emotional, cellular, and energetic activation and rebalancing and expansion of consciousness. We assist in realizing self-knowledge, acceptance, kindness, and compassion. I (Nina) have invested in my own growth and understanding through my work with my coach, ongoing training, self-examination, transformation, and study while working with and supporting clients, groups, and leaders seeking more emotional intelligence, kindness, collaboration, and more co-creative, authentic leadership for more than three decades.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering:

  • Who am I aside from my roles and life obligations?
  • Why am I so uncomfortable in my job or certain relationships?
  • What am I here to ultimately do next?
  • What is real? What is love? What do I most authentically desire?
  • What is my purpose for being alive?

There is a continuum of experiences from low impact on our psyches, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities, to high impact, which may require a whole new orientation to the way we perceive, coexist and interact in the world.

The integration and reorganization of one’s reality may take just a small readjustment. For others, it may take a lifetime to assimilate, integrate and to find compassionate presence with themselves and others, as reality continually reveals its vast potential for expression.

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A Path to Becoming YOU

Transformational evolution coaches are uniquely trained and skilled to provide deep listening and a reverent space to support this process. They embody an intuitive ability and unique skill-set to interpret and understand what the client has experienced.

The role of the transformational evolutionary coach is to listen deeply to what is being said as well as to the messages behind and between the words, and to guide, coach, and serve without judgment and without fear of retribution, rejection, and without shame and guilt.

Transformational life coaches are privileged and blessed with the honor of witnessing and guiding their client through a most intimate, personal and life-giving process of BECOMING.

“During our Being Human Immersion, the teachings wove science and intuition, research and our
experiences, discussion in the large and small groups and individual reflection time beautifully!”
-Past Immersion Participant

Entelechy Insitute Faculty

Our faculty hold advanced degrees and are board certified coaches, instructors and facilitators in the field of Deep change, Transformation, Spiritual and Emotional development and Self Generative leadership.

With decades of collective experience and work with hundreds of individuals, groups and organizations, Nina and Michele have pivoted into the new emerging era.

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